The Gender Agenda: Is Gender Really about women

Panelists at the Nation Leadership Forum

The stage was all set for the final edition of the Nation Leadership forum this year. The show which promised to be interesting did not disappoint at all. It was really interesting with Linus trying to make sure he had answered all the questions pertaining to gender. Here are the big issues that came out in the forum.

Gender is not about women

The gender agenda is not about women all alone. The issue of gender is one that needs to be addressed both sides and it is not just only about the ladies alone. The issue of gender has been curtailed to ladies and it is something that needs to be changed and it should be addressed.

The issue is not about which gender is better is better than the other or who is more privileged than others. It is about getting equity for all without compromising the other gender. In other words leave no one behind. When having the gender discussion it is important to have both of them on the table.  The issue is all about getting everyone involved.

 The boy child needs some help

The issue of the boy child is one that has come under a lot of debate with the boy child now appearing to be subdued in some areas. The case in point the just concluded KCPE 2017 which had 22 girls top and 14 boys in the top list. This is not as different from the KCSE 2016 where 16 girls topped the charts and only 4 boys making it to the top 20.

It is evident the boy child in the education sector has been under some “attack” and he needs to be talked about. The issue is not about empowering the girl child to be better but also giving that guy some reason to be motivated. It is giving them a voice also and showing him some sense of being needed in the school environment.

Another thing that arose from the conversation on the boy child is the role models. The boy child is in dire need of proper male figures in the society. It is important to make sure the boy child has been given some proper direction and remodeling the man into someone relatable and not the chauvinistic type we have always seen. This starts from the basic unit of society which is family and expand to the society through some programs about men.

The women have a long way to go but they need to step up

One out of every five people who sit in boards in the corporate sector are women and one out of twelve who chair those boards are women. As if that is not enough 3 out of 47 women are governors in the political scene. These shocking statistics were relayed on the show and show that still there is a long way to go in making sure that the ladies and women are represented in the corporate sector.

It is important for women to also stop counting on affirmative action in getting representation. They need to be ready to make sure they have run for political office and have gotten that stage. I guess what I am angling at is the need to have some aggressiveness when running. They also need to recognize it is not about fighting the man they are running against but rather making it a matter of competing on the issue of policy.

Overall the third forum of the Nation Leadership Forum was good but there is still a long road to go in order to make sure gender parity is achieved. There is need to work on both genders to achieve this and let us leave no one behind.  


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