The Pulse Music Video: Better from last time but a long way to go


The 3rd edition of the Pulse Music Video happened this week, yesterday to be more specific.  The awards which seek to promote good music videos in the country. The awards show went down at Carnivore and here are my thoughts on the show.

Better from last time

The show was better from last time. The last two editions of the PMVA’s have not been the best and this time they were able to work out some of the issues. For instance the choice of Carnivore as the place where the event was to take place was a good option to avoid making the event look too up market as they did in the first awards show which took place in I max. They were able to make the tickets available and did not make it an invite only event.


Aisha Wanjiru the Co-Host of the Red Capet show

The show was well planned with the right branding in the stage and a stage that was bigger this time though not so big. The whole idea of a red carpet was good and they have been able to have hosts to talk about their outfits and Jamal Gadaffi and his co host Aisha were able to handle the red carpet event well.

The process of nominations

The awards show was able to make sure they have explained how the nominations work and who picks the videos and how they choose the top of the top of the music videos of the year. They were keen to keep this thing as open and transparent as possible so as to avoid any controversy.

The list of winners


Best Colaboration Trophy the prize went to Fena Mayonde and Kagwe’s Party Nation song

The winners have been interesting a lot of people lost out. For instance Willy Paul surprised many people as he clinched the title of the best male video for his song Jigi Jigi. This was a surprise win as he was pitted against other heavy weights such as Kristoff and Naiboi. Another category which pulled a surprise is that of the best choreographed video of the year and it went to Papa Dennis his opponents Kymo and Stigah and Femi One and Bruz Newton being flopped. The female video went to Kush Tracy for her song Mawe which beat songs like Groove Award winner Mercy Masika for her song Shule Yako and Sanaipei Tande for her song Aminia.

The one person laughing all the way was Willy Paul who felt like he had been sidelined at the Groove Awards. He was able to bag two awards and he seemed to be ready to comment about Groove having not served justice and that Justice has been served and he was happy about it.

Can do better

The organizers need to have better ways of picking the audience and not making it a celebrity affair only. The audience needs to be lively hence a need to rethink the hosts again and look at who can be able to do the job very well.

There is need to have artists practicing for the event earlier and a wider range of artists performing at the show. This will help in lightening the crowds there. In short it is better than last year but a long way to go.


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