Alfajiri a different way of waking you up every morning

Ciru Muriuki, Jeff Mote and Sera Ndanu during E interactive on the all new K24 Alfajiri 

So this week I decided that I will be doing a review on Morning TV shows and I decided to look at a show which premiered last week and it is the all new Alfajiri TV show. The show needed a revamp after losing Amina who decided to go to NTV and host the Trend.

The new hosts include Ciru Muriuki who moved from The Trend and Nation Media and decided to move into the Kijabe Street based media house, Jeff Mote who hosts the Drive on Kiss 100. The show also includes Serah Ndanu who is an actress and the host of KTN’s Skin Therapy (if you have not seen I watched it once also yesterday when I was doing a research for this show Sunday 6:30).

The show has gone a bit of transformation and has done a lot of things differently with the three hosts bringing in new blood and ideas to the show.

Less politics

The show has decided to take a lit bit of an about turn and appeal to audiences who do not like much of politics and decided to focus on other issues. For instance they have only decided to give it only one hour compared to the previous show which gave it a huge segment on the show. The show covers only the news paper review which is a small segment of politics and current affair issues on the show.

Jeff is being able to learn how to work his way around the show and most especially the News paper review. He has yet to start doing more and more of political interviews but it will be interesting to see how the show will go on.

Healthy lifestyle

This is another segment which is interesting to watch is the healthy living side of the show where they give tips on how to live life in a good and positive way. Serah Ndanu does fantastic work on this segment and she incorporates this on the motivation segment also where she does all the nice talks and talked to Stephen Muiru who was involved in an accident but did not give up on his life and soldiered on his life.  She also hosted Lina Njoroge and Francis who talked about meditation and comfort eating and how it helps one to think and avoid stress.

E interactive

This is another interesting part of the show. E interactive is like TTTT on NTV but a morning version of it. The show gives insight on what is happening on the entertainment scene and what people think about it. The show delves into the good, the bad and the ugly all in a few minutes on the show. The segment host is Ciru Muriuki who used to be a panelist and a host of TTTT on NTV.

The show is a definite must watch if you love keeping your life in check and if you want to have a good laugh in the morning. No political talk, a lot of lifestyle feature stories and a lot of interesting new things on the show. Check it out every Monday to Friday at 6 am.



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