Why Glen Washington does clean music

Glen Washington Performing on the Trend

Friday was a big day for the Trend team as they got an interview with the team getting to host reggae enigma Glen Washington and Nikki in the same room. The 20 minute interview tackled a lot of issues including his previous years in music and why he did clean music.

The interview which started with Glen performing one of his hit singles Strangers in the night which is one of Amina’s all time favorite songs from Glen. The interview then begun but they invited Nikki who was also incorporated into the interview.

First experience

Glen who is coming to the country for the second time told his story of when he was in Kenya for the first time and how he did two shows in Mombasa and Nairobi. He talked about the way the curtain raisers had to be removed and he did a 45 minutes acapella show before his band set up because they were not ready to go on at the time and he ended up performing for close to 2 hours on the show. He even went on to say he was excited when he was told he would be coming back to the country.

The celebrated artist talked about his 45 year journey in music which is not an easy fete at all and he has been able to stay relevant. It was interesting to hear how he has been able to stay in the industry for long talking about his consistency and how he has been able to work hard and staying truthful to his music audience and his people who have been supportive of his cause.

The interview did not lose Nikki in the mix with Amina asking about her journey surprisingly she was born into a musical family hence her choice to get into music and she decided to try it. She has been doing some songs from then. She was has a business degree and she has been doing her work from then as a musician even though she graduated with a business degree.

Clean music

Interestingly enough both of them( Nikki and Glen) have been doing clean music and when Amina asked why Glen answered and said it is by choice because most of the people who listen to his music are of different ages and he does not want to spoil their experience by them having to cover their ears or their children’s ears. He was so categorical and Nikki echoing the same sentiments when it was her turn to answer the question.

The interview was definitely a hit however a few things did not come out during the interview for instance whether they will be working with a Kenyan act soon? Whether they have gotten a chance to listen to Kenyan music? Who they love listening to in Kenya? It would be interesting to see what their answers would have been on these issues.


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