Kalekye speaks about marriage and defends the boy child in one interview

From left Tina Nzuki, Dunco and Kalekye Mumo

Friday was an interesting day for me (you know those days you wake up before the alarm).

As I was scrolling through my social media feeds I saw that Kalekye Mumo will be live on Kubamba Radio. I tuned in intrigued to find out how the interview would pan out.

The interview is just starting when I tune in. However I am a few minutes late though (don’t worry I got most of the interview) by the way. I find her talking about her journey as she was starting out after university.

Her studies led her to pursue a career in diplomacy at the Embassy of Turkey. The whole idea of working at the embassy became boring and she decided to move and look for a career in Radio which was her passion from the onset. Her career started as a sound engineer. At first she was not so sure about being accepted into radio.

This is because she sent out demos to the radio stations at the time but she ended up being rejected every time. She had already given up after sending a dozen of them and not getting any traction. She finally decided to settle to being a sound engineer and nothing more. Her big break came during Capital FM’s competition for Radio. She was actually pushed by a friend to participate. She reluctantly sent her CV. She was quickly accepted into the competition.

During the day she was to do her show for the competition she could not make it to the event. She was moved to doing the trial on a public holiday and she won the competition. The rest as we say became history as she had already joined radio.

The interview also looked into her defending the boy child. She was quick to say the boy child needs to be understood by ladies and the society at large. She was quick to recognize the role of the man in society and that she emphasized how it is important that their role be recognized in society and not be treated lightly.

The discussion took a look into the role of women and men in society and how relationships should be handled nowadays. Kalekye was open about her not marrying status but had a positive out look towards marriage she would love to get married one day and get a man to take care of her (if it is you, you can step up where are those winking emojis).

The interview covered what she looks for in women and was willing to talk about her inner self and likes men who are focused and know what they want and are willing not to be intimidated by her success.

The interview was an overall success and Kalekye brought a new vibe to the Christian morning station.

The morning show, which is hosted by the legendary Tina Nzuki and Danco, is certainly one that you should look out for. The duo is just happy and bubbly. The two bring in a new vibe to the way Christian shows are hosted. Overall, the journey was just amazing.


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