Jaymo on K24: Why I Registered Mafisi Sacco

Kalekye with Jaymo Ule Msee.

He is a man that has come under a lot of fire for his registered sacco/association. Jaymo ule Msee recently registered a sacco with the name Mafisi Sacco. The name fisi is synonymous with us in an infamous way for being a term used for a man who pursues multiple women for sexual purposes, but this time he tried to rewrite the narrative and how we view the term.

Mafisi Sacco

The man showed up at Kalekye Mumo’s Talk Central (this time I did not play the guessing game). The show covered a lot of issues but the one that stood out is the reason why he started Mafisi Sacco. When Kalekye put him to the task over the Sacco he was very calm and cool when he was explaining the whole issue of the Sacco and why he had actually started it.

He claims that everyone is a “fisi” in his own right. Everyone does something to bring in money. The whole idea of starting it up is to encourage people to take part in their work and encourage young people and motivate them in the process. He did not start it up for ulterior moves that you have been thinking about.

The whole idea of giving people motivation is what he seems to be riding on come next year. He has been working with people who are as talented and will soon be featuring them on his YouTube vlogs.

Rise to fame

The man who has risen to fame because of the skits he has been putting up has had an interesting journey and has been doing a lot of things in making sure that he has become successful. The Political Science and Economics Major quit his job working for a local bank and he decided to start up a website called What’s Happening which sought to make events easy to access.

The man quickly rose to fame with the website and eventually sold it to Nation Media Group. He eventually moved to start shooting videos about small issues. He started with a video section called Ujinga Saucer which tore into typical Kenyan behavior. He moved on to shooting small skits which eventually started becoming more and more popular and in the end became his rising star.

Uhuru campaign

The star has become a huge national celebrity and during the general election he was part of the team that worked the crowds during most elections. He has been seen as an insider in the communication team and when asked about his role in the Jubilee campaign team he did not want to go into details of what his role was during the elections.

The interview like any other Kalekye interview did not disappoint. Her choice to look into everything in an interview makes you want to sit through any of her interviews and leave to go to bed happier than you were before. She was able to burn through the get to know you better interview and the tough questions. However she needs to work on her follow up questions.





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