How Raila has maintained a winning media strategy


Raila Odinga 

The Presidential results for the 2013 got Raila Odinga losing yet another election. His loss was expected as an end to his illustrious political career. This was attributed to the fact that he would not be in any position of power.

However this was not to happen a year later Raila Odinga backed the headlines and was able to maintain his political image for the next four years. Raila was able to develop the best media strategy ever and it worked out for him quite well for him for the next 4 years in the run up to the 2017 election.

In an article in the Daily Nation Columnist Peter Kagwanja tried to explain how Raila has always managed to back the headlines even when he was in power. In his article he explains how ODM and CORD developed a media strategy that has kept him afloat.

He goes into detail to explain how he instituted a political strategy called the Permanent Campaign mode which was used in various American presidencies such as Bill Clinton’s where one uses the media every time and have in place a strategy to have a major issue on the news and always headlining in the process.


Raila Odinga teams put in place this strategy in 2014 when he came back from the USA. From the onset his strategy seemed to work and it has always worked in his favor. For instance in 2014 he was able to push the narrative of a country that is in deep security issues and was always trying to make sure that he had put Joseph Ole Lenku under a lot of pressure and he ended up winning when he resigned in December 2014.


The corruption narrative can also be attributed to this strategy. Raila Odinga was able to bring  a lot of fire to the Devolution and Treasury department. His first victim was Anne Waiguru who is currently the Governor of Kirinyaga. The former Cabinet Secretary was in the headlines for a constant 5 months since the news of Money being stolen from the National Youth Service. for months on end this was the news item that played favorite to news organizations. Anne Waiguru made 26 front page stories in News papers not counting the TV stories and blog posts. The agitation led to her resigning citing health reasons.

The Eurobond saga and National debt was another area the Raila Odinga team had a lot of fun looking into. The team took a look at this issue and tried to look into the issue and exposed the rising national debt and a loan which had not been used properly by the government.

The Election

The IEBC was not spared from the strategy the team was constantly on the news from 2016 and 2017 and the mastermind the NASA media team. The team tried to prove that IEBC was partial and even got to remove one set of the commission members. The team that came in was not spared also; they were constantly faced with a lot of hurdles as the NASA team was able to demolish its media strategy by always keeping it on its toes.

The NASA team did not focus on bill boards but instead they focused on making sure they have sold the candidacy of Raila Odinga. When NASA Advisor, Salim Lone was asked about this he was on the record to say that they were putting their funds to good use.

However it is is now clear they had already hogged the spotlight a lot and were sure their few years of toil was sure of giving them the presidency. They were keen giving a lot of exclusives with Raila doing more than 5 exclusive interviews compared to Uhuru’s 3. It will be interesting to see if Raila will still be using this strategy even in 2022 even after losing the election in 2017.



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