We ran as if lions were chasing us


The Wicked Edition show settled on a very interesting topic on Monday night. The show which is a comedy prime time show is normally dedicated to doing stories based on what is affecting society. I have not reviewed this show in a while but yesterday I decided why not?

The show host Dr King’ori decided to use his platform to support a worthy cause and that is to support the refugees in the country by providing them with a meal. The show which decided to promote the work of LuQu LuQu which is a platform created by media personalities to give a meal to refugees on Christmas day.

King’ori was able to do some research on the show and he was able to come up with some of the alarming statistics on the show. For instance one out of every 112 people in the world is a refugee. This is sad considering that of this number more than 500000 people have been housed in Kenya.

The LuQu LuQu program should have been explained more in the show and he would have taken the chance to make sure the program has been expounded more by a set of professionals who understand the research and see what this people go through on a day to day basis.  Instead he fixated on making sure that they have gotten a meal for one day. It is time that we look for a permanent solution to the problem.

However it was a good first step to the program and it has gotten a boost to it since the views on the show are quite high. The show had some emotional attachment to it with the interview King’ori did with the 24 Elders on the show. The show had some interesting feel since you could be able to see the life of a refugee from their experience.

They narrated how they got from Congo to Uganda to Kenya and lived in Saika for a year thinking Kayole was the capital city of Kenya. The only note they thought existed in Kenya was the 200 shilling note.

It was really touching to see how they narrated their story with a light touch of humour looking at it as if it never happened to them.

The show was a good start to changing conversations on refugees but it is something that can be done better. Let news outlets now pick up the pace and also cover some of the things that have been brought out. Let media shows take a look at the living standards in the areas where these refugees live. It is high time that the media did not just focus on achieving peace in the war torn areas but also achieving justice in the areas where these people have been treated badly.

It hurts that that the media is busy trying to get them a meal on Christmas day and then move on to other stories let the media stop fixating on one story and highlight sustainable development as I have seen in the LuQu LuQu program and it will be a much greater thing.



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