Election Files: Transparency in the transmission of results during the election was it done fairly


The media have come under fire for lack of being transparent during the remitting of results during the August 8th Election.

Media stations which had worked hard and deployed a huge number of reporters across the country in order for them to remit results. For instance the Nation Media Group deployed a huge number of reporters around the country. (290 to be precise) Each of them was tasked with bringing reports to the Nation Center to allow for tallying of the results.

Now this was not the only media station that was remitting results. Citizens TV set up a tallying center and were ready to make sure they have given all the results from the agents. Other stations which had these stations included K24, KTN and KBC.

The stations were however not willing to keep the IEBC in check. They did not even stick it to the man when the elections came into play.

The media was to have their own independence in having their own tallies. However the ministry of Interior in conjunction with the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology came up with threats in order for the opposition and the media not to have their own tallying stations.

These threats came up suspiciously and even though the media was allowed to come up with their own tallying centers they were not allowed to put up or announce the tallies after. However some media stations did remit their results though unknowingly. On 26th October NTV released a results slip that showed that Raila had 8.1 votes and 7.5 for Uhuru though they pulled it down.

Though the media was cautious not to make the country unstable some of the steps taken by the Media did not really help out the situation. To avoid the 2007 row where the media had their own tallying centers and released the results they had instead of relying on the ECK body. However one media station made the announcement of Raila Odinga having won the election instead of waiting for the then chairman of the Election Commission of Kenya who later announced the then head of state Mwai Kibaki as the winner.

To avoid this kind of chaos the media was then curtailed but at what cost. By failing to remit their results they allowed for the speculation of the NASA team to be taken seriously by its supporters and cast doubt on the 2017 elections.

The mailed in its responsibility to be responsible to the Kenyan people and failed to give them an opportunity to know the truth and instead they allowed for doubt in the country.


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