Media Critic Agenda: The issues and how the media should look at


Here are some of the issues the media should be looking at this year


The media needs to keep an eye on this matter and they should be prepared on checking on the expenditure of the county government. The media needs to be sure they are doing the right thing with the funds that are being released.

I’ll also be looking at ways the media will be reporting on policy and the stories of the positive things county governments are doing. The media also needs to look at the progress the National government is doing in order to make sure they have disbursed funds to the people who are in the counties. The government has been blamed for delaying funds to counties which has in turn led to slow developed in counties and frustration in the government.

Raila next political moves

The media will be crucial in looking at the ways Raila Odinga will play out in the after election scene. The swearing in of Raila Odinga will be something to watch to see how the media is going to be reporting on. The interesting twist to his “government” set up. The role of the People’s Assembly and how they are being rolled out in the country and who will be controlling them.

Uhuru Cabinet and Jubilee politics

The choice of Uhuru’s cabinet is something to be watching out for in the next few days. The government shape up is already taking place. It will be interesting to see the media interrogating the choices and doing background on the people who are being chosen by the Uhuru government.

The slow picking of the people who will sit in the cabinet is causing a lot of jitters and uproar as to whether the government was prepared in the choosing of the people to serve in his dream team.

The media needs to start asking about the setting of cabinet in the questioning of manifestos. Alternatively there can be introduction of a transition season. This is where the new head of government names his cabinet so that we question the people being elected.

The dalliance between Uhuru, Ruto and Moi in 2018 is something for the media to look out for. Sources are already indicating some problems in “paradise” but they need to look at the issues.

National economy

The economy took a hit during the election. The media now needs to look at the ways the government is preparing so that we can have a good year economically and avoid an economic struggle that saw many businesses shut down.

The rate of unemployment is also something the media needs to be making sure is covered. There needs to be a conversation looking at this issue. The problem needs to be tackled and the government needs to be ready to tackle it. The media needs to question the preparedness of the government in tackling this matter.

Education curriculum

The media needs to be ready in making sure they have giving us information first hand. The media needs to be making sure each and every single process is highlighted. The piloting and the proper roll out of the whole program need to be highlighted.

The media has a lot of things that need to be really ready for this year and they need to be able to give information and have a critical approach to the issues I have raised in this piece.












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