Media Critic Agenda:  What to expect


Happy New Year even if the year is already growing old. It has taken some time to write these next few blogs. Last year we did not do any New Year posts. This year we wanted to do things different (by we I mean the team you never see who read my work before posting at times.)

The media has a huge task ahead of it and this is the introductory post we will look at a wide range of issues. From politics to lifestyle, TV and Radio, internet shows, the number of things we will be looking at is enormous so stay tuned.

Politically the media is going to be having a huge task in reporting of the opposition and the government. The need for national dialogue is also something for the media to look out. The media needs to clear the air of the dialogue. Who is having this dialogue what are they going to be discussing.

Election Justice

The need for a conversation on election and election justice is also important. Half of the country is bent on making sure they have their own system of government or setting up a country of their own and the media needs to start taking stock of this issue.

The need to sit down every election stakeholder and have a conversation to prepare for the next round of elections is important. Where did things go wrong? Who is to blame? This is the question the media needs to be asking the various stakeholders.

NASA VS Jubilee

In what appeared to be the most competitive election after the 2007 election it is going to be interesting to see how NASA and Jubilee will keep the spark of bureaucracy alive by having competition in parliament.

Both sides are bound to have fallouts and new alliances built. It is going to be interesting to see how the media is going to be reporting on these matters. The media has a huge task to make sure they have given the right facts.

Fake news

The rise of fake news is discouraging the media’s quest for truth in its stories. The media will have to step up its game on fact checking and keeping the people updated. However the media needs to be ready to make sure that the news they are breaking are correct and they are not just constructed.

The rise of bloggers for hire is something the media needs to check on. This bloggers need to be checked or alternatively the media can check on the “facts” they report.

Though some bloggers are giving the right news some of them are misleading and giving fictitious information which circulate on WhatsApp groups.

The media has a huge task to provide quality content to all. This is through giving the right information with speed and accuracy. In short the task ahead is clear for the media and they need to be ready to be pummeled to give the right information and to avoid spins which are not in any way helping the situation

Have a blessed 2018





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