Taking Stock: The tough job the NASA media team has this week


NASA Leader Raila Odinga

This has not been the week for NASA on the headlines. The media team at NASA has probably set up a war room close to the whole week. I say this because Salim Lone has been very busy on Twitter trying to fight back on some of the stories that have been coming up the whole week.

The stories since Monday and mostly the whole week have been reflecting badly on the whole NASA team and especially the ODM faction which has been accused of being a bully. In a story done by Nation’s Ibrahim Ouko and Patrick Langat the two have tried to highlight how the team in ODM have been trying to “bully” the other parties into submission to approve the name National Resistance Movement and the swearing in of Raila Odinga.

The story though not published on Monday had some effect to some of the stories that had been circulating in the press since Monday where Wiper had accused its counterpart of being a bully. The main issue being the leadership seats in parliament and the lack of agreement in NASA over Raila Odinga’s “swearing in”. Which led to NASA cancelling of the People’s Assembly in Machakos.

The NASA chiefs met on Monday and Tuesday to settle the problems that have been arising from this discord which has had the press having a field. The chiefs set to quell down any fears of a break up in NASA.

The media has been hell bent on peddling stories on the discord in NASA and has not been treating the same discord with members in Jubilee. The media has been giving NASA the limelight but has given little limelight to the problems in Jubilee.


The media has questioned the swearing in of Raila Odinga. The political and legal impact and the blowback that might occur after the swearing in happens. Where will he set his government up from? Will he be allowed to stage this huge kind of resistance to government peaceful or will it be a blood bath which Kenyans will remember.

The media also needs to explore the list of demands that have been brought by NASA if they will still want to dialogue. What are the issues they have raised apart from Election Justice? What is the end game of these talks if they happen?

Nasa needs to put together a game plan that will be able to handle all these issues next week as they build up the pressure to the swearing in. This week at Media Critic we will be taking stock of this issue and make sure we have looked at this issues regarding the swearing in of the “People’s President” as he is called we don’t have a name for this series maybe we will call this Taking Stock as we take stock of the issues that have been raised about the swearing in as we make sense of what the media will be doing in the coming week to keep us updated about the swearing in.


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