Taking Stock: What is the People Assembly?

Nasa Raila Odinga

It is now 9 days to the swearing in of Raila Odinga. This has to be the most controversial swearing of an opposition. The event will be a culmination of people assemblies which have been held in different counties.

The people’s Assemblies have been put in place to make sure that people can be able to discuss issues that affect them. The NASA team has managed to set up these assemblies in 19 counties of the 47 counties.

What are these People Assemblies which were announced by the NASA leader? What was the main idea when he brought about the idea?

According to the NASA team, the main idea of the People’s Assembly is to discuss issues and give power back to the people. This is according to the first Chapter of the Constitution.

Though the whole notion has been challenged by the media as to how the People Assembly will work no one is challenging how they will pass the laws that they will pass if they will pass any. What happens to the County Assemblies that have passed these laws? Will they still be operational or will the People’s Assemblies take charge of Legislative Agenda?

These are the questions that should be coming from the media. However little is being done to make sure that these discussions have been brought to the fore. There is little being done to discuss the functionality of the People’s Assemblies that have been launched. Who is operating them at the ground? Who is keeping their operationality alive?

The launch of county People Assemblies has also been done shoddily. For instance when you watch the news you have to be making sure that the event side shows are coming to the fore but there is little about the agenda that has been brought to the ground. This mode of operation has led to a lot of misconception of what exactly People’s Assemblies do.

The NASA team has been very keen on making sure that they have stayed on top of these issues through Pressers and statement. The media has however not sat down to question the activities of the Organizing Committee of the People Assembly and what they are doing in making sure that every person in The People’s Assembly has been chosen appropriately and what is the due process of choosing the members of the said People’s Assembly and what their role will be. Where will they take their resolutions to?

Finally the issue of the “People’s Assembly” and the “People’s President” and how they will work together. Who will question the work of these two? Who will interpret the law for the two bodies? Who will make sure there is no illegality in making sure that the rights of the People is preserved and that every person and issue is covered properly. Who will check the action of the “President”? These are the issues that come up when you talk about the “People’s Assembly” and “People’s President” and the roles that they will be playing.



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