Taking Stock: Is there malice in Uhuru Park Renovation?


Uhuru Park view( credit to Nation Website for the photo)

The NASA team had already decided on a venue for the swearing in of the NASA chief Raila Odinga. However in a public notice the County Government of Nairobi decided to close the park for renovation for an indefinite period of time.

The decision for renovation is not a bad one. However the timing of the renovation is what brings a lot of questions. Questions about the plans for the renovation being made a few days before the NASA team had picked this as their venue for the “swearing in”.

To any NASA supporter they would definitely decide to read malice into this decision that has been made public 8 days before. The reasoning they do not want Uhuru Park to be used as the place where one of the biggest acts of defiance by the opposition is going to take place.

A Jubilee supporter would argue that the governor is finally going to do something for the City. They would go to the extent of talking about how the Park needs renovation. This was not one of the issues in Governor Sonko during campaign period. However they would argue this knowing that there is another motive other than the park being renovated.

The choice of communication is also disturbing as no plans of renovations had been made public to the people to know about. This questions the aspect of public participation in making some decisions. Did the County Assembly make known the plans are known to the public?

The Governor who has to deal with issues like muggings in the City has been largely silent on this matters and his move to trying and shift the narrative. He is trying to shift the conversation about a good project but it has blown back on him. The reasoning behind what I say is there is garbage in the City, there is literally hawkers everywhere when you stroll around the town. The once peaceful town is now crawling with mugs that are ready to pounce on any one who is walking from an ATM, Mpesa shop or any Forex bureau.

One would tell you that Sonko has let the city run in the most hideous manner. The option of making Nairobi unavailable to the NASA team is something he will have to explain to everyone who is reading malice into the position of renovating Uhuru Park. This being after the Nairobi Business Community decided to make known the plans of using the Park for an event.

The media also needs to come out to make sure that plans have been questioned. The media needs to question the whole idea of the Uhuru Park being closed for renovations. What are the facts? How long is renovation going to take? Who is being contracted to do the renovations?

These are the questions that should be asked by everyone who wants answers about Uhuru Park. The next move of NASA is also something to keep an eye on. Where will they go now? Is there plan B? Taking Stock is keeping an eye.


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