Pay Models KE: Who is to blame? Why is the media quiet?

The Trend Discussion which happened yesterday( picture courtesy of Sheila Kanini Twitter account)

It has been one of the biggest stories this past weekend. The story which started out as a rant on social media has materialized into one of the biggest stories that has set ablaze two revered media outlets in the country.

The two outlets Couture Africa and Carole Mandi Media have been accused of delaying payments for models, photographers and makeup artistes. The issue that was brought by Sheila Kanini who started giving her story on her Instagram and soon the discussion moved to Twitter after many people came with their stories. Some models came out to call out modeling agencies and the two media companies for their lack of professionalism or their lack of courtesy in carrying out their payments.

The issue has sparked a storm on social media and has led to conversations that I did not think will be happening any time soon. The struggles that models go through have been brought to the eyes of many and I really hope they will get their dues. However that is not mine to discuss there are a few things I need to call out mainstream media out on this piece.

First on my list is Capital FM. When this issue came out and blew up on social media. They went about it all wrong and instead of bringing Sheila Kanini or at least Amina Abdul who was also very vocal on this matter. However the team went to pick out Sean Andrew who is not at all involved in this issue in any way.

Though he might have undergone this issues that Sheila brought out however he is not the sponsor of the hashtag. The team would have reconsidered discussing this issue in a different way. They had the option of discussing it on their own in studio and allowing the discussion on social media to guide them. They would have brought Sean Andrew and Sheila Kanini on the show lack of bias in the media industry. Other media stations have kept this issue under wraps and have avoided talking about this. Apart from NTV who had a full segment on The Trend very little has been done by other media stations.

When the media decides to have this issue there are a lot of things to discuss. For instance there is need to discuss the issue. What is happening in the magazine sector? Why is it taking too long to process payments according to Couture who put out a statement in their social media platforms? Who processed these payments? How are there budgets made? Do they have space for creatives?

The issue of models needs to be cleared also. Companies need to be clean and thorough in the vetting and letting the process be free and fair to avoid the problems they have been accused of such as lack of professionalism and “fake auditions”. The thought of an association for models and other creatives also needs to be thought off. This will avoid this hullabaloo that has been brought about. Companies also need to come out and apologize to their models. They need to make sure they have restored the dignity of the people who make them the money they aim at making.


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  1. For real this companies that are not giving models their pay dues are really is even my first thing to hear such an issue since..


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