Taking Stock: What next for NASA?


NASA Leader Raila Odinga

Taking Stock: What next for NASA?

“What is the next step for NASA?” one of my friends who is a huge and fiery supporter of Jubilee asked me. This is the question I have been asking myself ever since 30th January after Raila Odinga swore himself as president.

The fact that the issue is being treated as an act of subversion and treason seems to have elicited some reactions from the government.  The fact that the media has also been brought into the mix is something that is causing government to lose out in its quest to control the narrative.

The narrative that the opposition did acts that need to be punished with treason charges. However this narrative has not worked for a couple of reasons. For one the government shut down the media outlets which would have helped them in controlling this narrative. Instead of government letting the divisions to play out in the open with the missing of Kalonzo, Wetangula and Mudavadi not attending the “inauguration” ceremony of Raila Odinga they went ahead to shut down the media.

This is not the issue however. The issue I have with the media is the fact that the media has failed to keep an eye on the opposition and how they plan on making sure they have governed the government. Speaking to the Standard on Friday Raila Odinga. He said that he was ready to run the country as the People’s President and will institute reforms in the country that will guarantee elections by August.

It is interesting that the Standard did not follow up on how they are going to institutionalize this reforms or how they are going to go about this issues. Also the reporter did not follow up on how they were going to make sure that the People’s Assembly will be made to make sure they will be the legislative form of government.

National dialogue

Though NASA has ruled out the possibility of dialogue, however a few things come in. How will they come to consensus all stakeholders in the elections to work together? What are the budgetary requirements for the elections? Is Jubilee going to be part of the process of “the new election”?

Though the election discussion in NASA has been an eminent discussion there are things that they are not letting out in the open. Who will conduct the election is 6 months enough to carry out the necessary reforms at IEBC and other institutions they want reforms in.

Though the NASA coalition has some of the best motives they are still a long way to go in order to make sure that they have achieved their quest to get electoral justice. However they have not outlined this issue but there is still a long way in making sure they have achieved their motives. The media needs to step up their mode of asking questions to the opposition and stop being very soft in their interviews with the coalition. They also need to stop covering the divide in the election




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