Taking Stock: Buzz words being used by NASA


NASA Leader Raila Odinga

NASA has been on a roll in order to make sure that they have maintained relevant in the country’s politics. They have been able to maintain some spotlight in the country through a method I had told you about here a couple of months back.

They have been able to back to the headlines every one or two days. They have been filling each station with a bunch of lawyers and politicians on TV stations. A few words have come up from which most NASA politicians are using and if you have not noticed them here they are.

  1. Electoral justice

The elections saga has not ended and it is top on the agenda of NASA. They have used it to equate the problems facing the country. They have placed a lot of weight on these two words and do not seem to want the election to end after all they want elections by August.

Benevolent dictatorship

This is yet another topic that has been talked about and is on the mouth of every NASA politician and TV surrogates. They have been constantly used to show the National government as a monster. The words of David Murathe the Deputy Chair of Jubilee Party seem to have come back to haunt him. In an interview with KTN News he was quoted as saying that Kenya needs a “benevolent dictator” and that Kenya should prepare for a more ruthless President Kenyatta in his second term.

This seems to be the main issue that is facing the country with a lot of infighting between the Judiciary and Executive and the shutting down of media stations and the arrest and consequent arrest of NASA leaders.

Rule of law must prevail

This is another statement which appears to be common for the NASA fraternity. They have been using to make sure that the executive obeys the court orders that have been obtained. This is something that has been making the NASA fraternity to take to TV show and at times it has become a major talk point in TV shows.


This is another big word that has been thrown around by the NASA team. This is something that is in their agenda. For instance they want the security sector, election and many other areas. This is in the wake of how they have been operating in the country. For instance the way the police have been operating during the NASA demonstrations against IEBC and many others.


This is another word that has been used by NASA against the Uhuru Kenyatta presidency. This is an issue that has been used by the NASA coalition. They have been claiming that Uhuru Kenyatta does not deserve to be the president of the country because he was elected in sham elections which lead to a sham result. They believe that Raila Odinga won the August 8th election eyes closed and his victory was stolen from him. They want reforms and a free and fair election in order to get a better Kenya in the long run.


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