The sick hospital: How KNH saga shows how media has failed to keep accountability

knhKenyatta National Hospital has been a hospital under a lot of scrutiny from the public and the public’s eye. It is slowly become a hospital that seems to be failing in protecting its client.

It started with January with claims emerging on social media of how patients are being raped. This story caused a huge uproar and members of parliament coming to see how the hospital was working. When the CEO came to respond to the issues that were being raised she went all out to defend the hospital.

She even went on to say that since there was no formal case that it is possible that the ladies were giving false stories. The CS at the time was no better and only ordered for an inquest into the matter, it lead to a report which has never been made public and even if it will it I bet no action will be taken anyway.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and another story has emerged. A baby had been stolen from the hospital. What surprised is the time taken to respond to the issue even after the lady was caught stealing the baby on camera.

The time taken by the police to respond to this story gives a lot of red lights. For one the fact that two major scandals have hit the hospital should be worrying to any person. News editors need to make sure they have started investigating the story.

Another thing is where is report that was given by the internal audit report? The DCI was asked to investigate this issue why is it taking so long to respond with their report. Why there is little or no information on this story yet the hospital prides itself with having state of the art CCTV cameras and security personnel.

The state of the hospital is really wanting. Why is there a long distance between the ward and the nursery where women stay? Who is operating a sting to take away babies?  Who is allowing for this racket to go on untold? Why is the KNH management responding to these claims immediately?

The issues that arise here are what the media needs to set to the agenda. They need to unmask the rot in the sick hospital and who is causing the problems of what used to be the finest hospitals in Africa.

In fact the health sector should on the watch of the media. The state of the health sector for lack of a better word is just depressing. Who is to blame for the issues that are constantly arising from the whole sector? If it not a doctor’s strike, then it is a nurses strike or a hospital that lacks a way to respond to issues in the appropriate way.

It is high time the CEO of Kenyatta National Hospital Lily Koros came clean and consider resigning her position because she does not seem to understand how to operate a hospital leave alone respond to issues.


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