The divided coalition: how the media has covered divisions in Jubilee and NASA

EQThe NASA and Jubilee coalitions are looking at post election and how to realign themselves for 2022. It is set to be an even more fierce battle as both teams works to create formidable political vehicles.

This however means political divisions in Jubilee and in NASA. This is something that has been evident over the last couple of days and everyone has tried to pay attention to the wrangles that have occurred in both sides of the political camps.

For instance of interest is an article written today in the Daily Nation, the post seems to suggest that Musalia has abandoned the NASA cause for electoral justice. The article now implies that Musalia is focusing on the 2022 election rather than a campaign by Raila Odinga who wants election done in August this year.

The media has been on the watch for NASA since last year. The coalition which appears to divide and disintegrate every single time has not had it easy. They have been attacked from left to right, from the summit of NASA to the legislative arm of the coalition. The media as highlighted the grievances of Wiper and ANC. The two factions seem to have been fighting ODM. They have even helped the media to paint it as the bully.

This has led to the reporting of the coalition as either “Divided NASA” or stories of how a certain party has threatened to leave the party. The media has been big on this issue and have even brought in panels. This has lead to the media seem to be aiding the cause of Jubilee in making sure they have ended NASA by March this year.

On the other hand the Jubilee Coalition has been enjoying soft core reporting in how they have been handling their divisions. For instance little has been reported about Alfred Keter and his arrest and there has not been read any “malice” by the so called analysts who come to report on issues.

It has been an issue of rebellion within the Jubilee but the media has been reporting this with baby gloves. The media has seemed to have ignored the drama caused in Central Province over the appointment of Mwangi Kiunjuri.

The fact that some Jubilee members were not happy with the de-whipping of committee members who had decided to go against party wishes. This is something that was even taken to court but was not taken as a serious matter in the long run. The de-whipping needed to be justified but the media failed to report on it and only choose to report it and leave it at that.

The media needed to questions the reason as to why they had been de- whipped. The so called panels were not brought in to discuss these issues and instead they were never discussed by anyone. This led to the public being left groping in the dark and to find light on how things should have been done.

It is evident the media needs to up its game in making sure that they have reported with a double edged sword which cuts across both sides. They need to up their game if at all they want to reclaim their lost glory.


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