What next for Larry Madowo?


Sidebar poster ( courtesy of Larry Madowo Twitter Handle

Larry Madowo has had a rather successful stint at NTV. From making the Trend a trend setting show to giving JKL a run for its money every Wednesday on Sidebar.

However the last few days have been trying and his stint at The Aga Khan owned media house is uncertain.

It started with the” swearing in” ceremony of Raila Odinga. There were claims that the government was planning to arrest the journalist alongside Ken Mijungu and Linus Kaikai. Claims even emerged from reports that they were secretly hiding in the Nation Building

Fast forward to the media being restored and the first week after the shutdown Sidebar a show hosted by Larry was not aired. To add salt to injury NTV advertised for a new show which aired on the time when Sidebar usually coming. Which brings into question what really happened to Sidebar was it killed? Is it going to come back after some time or is it a wrap for the show.

This is not the only front he has not come back but also his column on the Daily Nation was terminated. This was his personal choice and he decided to put his articles on the Washington Post and CNN. He has also been warming up to CNN and BBC by doing a lot of interviews and participating as a pundit or reporter or the show.

What really baffles is what is going to happen to the one time most cherished TV star of all time. His Sunday news time bulletin was taken up by Trevor Ombija yesterday. He has kept a low profile on social media which has left many guessing as to where he is going to or whether NTV is lying low to calm off the storm. He has decided to keep people guessing about his whereabouts. So what next for Larry Madowo?



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