The sick hospital : Lily Koros, possible problem or is there more than meets the eye?


KNH is back on the spotlight again. It is very sad to see the situation grow out of hand. It is something that has been doing rounds and it does not seem like it is going to die down any time soon.  So what really ails the hospital? Who is to blame for the mess? Is the media covering this case appropriately?

I try to look at these issues in this blog post. First thing that comes to mind with media coverage and the KNH saga is that they have been very vigilant in making sure every angle of the story is covered. From the rape cases to the case of the stolen baby at KNH to many others which have come up in the process including the suspension of the KNH CEO Lilly Koros and the backlash that has emanated from her subsequent suspension.

The suspension of the hospital’s CEO is one that many have called a knee jerk reaction and which I choose to believe. Instead of carrying out due investigations into the matter the health CS choose to pick the easy way out and remove Madame Koros from her job. For many who have been clamoring for her head I think they picked on the wrong person to put on a platter.

Being a public hospital KNH has been constantly been faced with a lot of staffing and resources programs which begs the question. Does government value people as they say they do? Is health really part of the Big Four agenda the government has been shouting about?

However even though it seems I am defending Koros I am not fully supporting people of the school of thought that she was kicked out because of tenderprenuers who want to bag tenders at the hospital. I choose to think of this as a political issue which needs a lot of thinking about. Here, are reasons why, for one the leaders who have come out to defend her are from the Kalenjin community the community she comes from. Their arguments if anything have made this matter worse and only made the issue of KNH political.

For this reason it is very hard to believe either side, which think that Madame Lily Koros was incompetent or even the fact that she is just being picked on by the Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki. It is also hard to get to the issues at hand which are what is really ailing KNH and who is to blame for what is ailing it.

The issues being for a fact the understaffing at KNH might have caused the issues that we have seen. For 200 patients who visit the hospital only 234 doctors are there to attend to these patients. A ratio which does not seem to favor the patients or the doctors at all because of the workload and the time one has to stay at the hospital.

The other issue is the management of the hospital. Their needs to be a huge overhaul or it need to be evaluated. The working conditions at KNH also need to be looked at in order to avoid the mistakes we have seen at the hospitals.




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