Should we even celebrate world women day?



It is yet another time of the year when we get to celebrate the world woman day on the 8th of March. It is a day to celebrate everyone who is basically of the female gender. I mean everyone will take it to their timelines to celebrate wives mothers and even girlfriends. But what does this mean? Are we at a level where we can very well say that women can be recognized?


For starters I do not think we should sit down to celebrate the strides we have made in the last few years. For the media it will be the time to discuss issues that they should have been discussed ages ago or at least given some attention by editors and news reporters.

However here is a chance to discuss these issues. The first one is the fact that politically we have been unable the two thirds gender rule. No one has managed to petition the high court to dissolve the current parliament. Or even if someone has gone no one has bothered to highlight this issue.

Case in instance the high court ruling in March, last year illegalized the then parliament for being unable to meet the two thirds gender threshold.  This was never a huge deal for the media and it has never been in following up on the issue of making sure that everyone has followed the rules. The media should practice the role of public watchman even to women. It should make sure it has joined in the clamour for making sure that the two thirds rule has been achieved.

We are still talking about FGM

This is something that is highly discussed in any gender or social work class. However if you listen to this issues you will be shocked that it is something that is still an issue for women years after campaigns after campaigns after campaigns. It is something I find devastating that this debate is back even after  passing laws to make FGM illegal there is clamour to make it medically possible.

Corporate Kenya

It is another sorry state for women in the corporate sector. For one 1 out of 5 women are CEOs in Kenya while a further 1 out of 9 women sit in board meetings. It is something that needs to be addressed quickly in order to achieve this. Many women who are joining the corporate world are finding it hard to make sure they have gotten to the top.

I have been very critical of women at times but at times I think it is high time that women are accorded some piece of mind and are given a chance to make sure they can express themselves freely. It is high time that we make sure that they are accorded a chance. It is not yet time to celebrate it is time to rethink our choices as society and make sure that we have achieved gender parity that is not one third but even half-half.


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