The Uhuru Raila truce: a classic example of Kenya’s forgetfulness

President Uhuru Kenyatta greets Opposition leader Raila Odinga of the National Super Alliance after addressing a news conference at Harambee House in Nairobi, March 9, 2018. /REUTERS

Friday was a memorable day for the country. Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga finally had a one on one meeting. It is something that came unexpectedly and took the ordinary Kenyan by surprise. It is not something that was expected judging from the bile that was being exchanged on our screens.

However a few things have emerged from the meeting and the subsequent reports that have emerged from the truce. We’ll deal with the whole thing as a whole from the statements to the division in NASA to the stories that have emerged.

The joint statement released by the two protagonists Uhuru and Raila is a bit of a drag and does not seem to be elaborate on the issues that have to be addressed. They talk about uniting and dealing with issues such as divisive elections, national dialogue and such.

The nature of our politics is that we are very tribal, we are very divisive and are always divided in the line that politicians want. We always are tied to the fact that what they say is what we will do. A classic example that comes to mind is pressure on the IEBC by the NASA faction was only being agitated in Kisumu and areas where the Luo Nation is very strong. The judiciary was condemned by the Kikuyu nation after the August 8th Election.

The statement

The statement in itself however draws away from the issues that led us into a political quagmire. That is electoral justice. However it is a first step to a long short it is something to consider doing. The media now needs to question the frameworks that have been put in place.

The role of Raila Odinga also needs to be questioned. Now that he has closed ranks with Uhuru will he be actively involved in politics? What is the end game? Will he be involved in matters policy and politics? What happens to NASA?

NASA rift

The NASA rift is something that needs to be explained. Why is it that every week the coalition is back on the headlines with a story about divisions and make ups? Who is instigating all of these problems?

It is now up to the media to cover the coalition and the next couple of days in an objective manner. For instance they should keep an eye on the party issues but not tie them a lot the coalition immediately.

It is now up to the media to press for progress in the issues that will be highlighted in this dialogue. They need to look at a few things. What will the issues be? Do they reflect on the common man? Is it going to improve our governance structures? Will it help in achieving a better society in the long run?



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