Miguna Miguna: another “handshake” casualty?

He has been considered one of the most fiery politicians and activists of our time. He has not relented in making sure that Kenyans have gotten the best of his political anecdotes. His tweets are always fiery like his nature and remind you of a younger Donald Trump. He is however found himself in a bit of a mess since January 30TH.

Though he claims to have voted for the dynamic duo of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto he seems to have changed his mind quickly after the 8th August Election. He seems to have been sick of the way the IEBC was handling the repeat poll. His utterances even got him kicked out of Larry Madowo Sidebar. His fiery nature made some of his fellow panelists and journalists fear appearing with him on any panel.

Though he has been a huge critic of the Kenyan media he has not shied away from appearing in some of the panels and shows. He has been very vocal about the poorly staged October 26th Election and his subsequent joining of The National Resistance Movement as its self proclaimed General.

He however seems to be facing a lot of heat. Due to his vocal stance on the January 30TH swearing in of Raila Odinga he seems to have thrown himself in hot soup. His arrest shortly after the swearing in of Raila Odinga the rain started beating him there and then. His charge of treason was brought before him and he was subsequently released. He was however arrested again shortly after his release. He was kept incommunicado and when judges asked that he brought to court Miguna was a no show. he was then quickly deported to Canada and a statement given by Interior and Department of Immigration seems to be that Miguna was not a Kenyan citizen.

Though his lawyers seem to have secured his return to the country he still continues to enjoy some ridicule from government officials. He seems to be going through a lot of hell. Though he returned to Kenya he has not gotten out of the airport and attempts to deport him to Dubai seem to have failed.

Miguna seems to be the latest casualty of the handshake. Why you ask I’ll tell it to you in a while. For one it took Raila Odinga close to 6 hours to make it to JKIA. When he got there was little he was doing and once he left the airport he seems not to have any comment about the on goings there. It seems like he was never there an uncharacteristic of Raila Odinga.

He seems to be very silent and very withdrawn about this issue. He seems to have cautions as Miguna seems not to be happy with the fact that Raila Odinga has signed a deal with Uhuru Kenyatta. This is something that he has been open about and is not shy about this issue.

The main thing is that it seems that he is being cleaved from the herd and being left out there to die. It is however his time to shape himself as soon as he gets out of prison and go out there and search for justice.

Picture is courtesy of Citizen TV Website


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