So what is our unemployment rate really?

The question of our unemployment rate in the country has been a subject of discussion in the country. According to statistics released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics the unemployment rate in the country has dropped to 7.4%. This is what you would consider a sharp decline from a report from the United Nations report which has placed a huge percentage of 39.1%.

Poor reporting

The story appeared on NTV and subsequently a paper Business Daily running a story doing the rounds trying to question the figures. Though the story out still a few questions were left out some of them I will try and out them out here.

For instance why is the 2015/16 report being released now. How was the process done? Who was in charge of delivering the numbers? The accuracy of the data was validated by whom again?

This are some of the things that the media should have tried and looked at the issues I have raised right here in this blog post. However little was done in order to provide the relevant information. The relevancy of this information should be questioned.

Why would government lie about these figures?  

The government has had a good past into looking into lying about figures that do not matter. For instance little is known about the number of people who died in El Ade, Somalia. The same government has been very cagey with the number of employment opportunities they have created.

This same characteristic has been reflected in the kind of figures that they released on unemployment numbers. This has been characterized by the media being unable to demand for accountability in the process. This is something that the media needs to cultivate in order to keep its role of being the public’s guardian.

Has the process been followed?

The media failed to make sure they have followed up on how the 7.4% was gotten rather than the fact should we be celebrating. This is something that the government needs to make sure they have started looking at. The main problem is that the media was quick to run with this story rather than making sure that the facts was correct.

It was important to make sure that the entire process was credible and accountable in order to avoid being bashed from carrying the story in a half baked manner. It is high time that they worked on making sure every aspect, and fact is done.

A proper discussion

It is now time that the program was done in the right way. What is unemployment? How can we avert it? Who is responsible in releasing unemployment numbers? How do we move to quell unemployment?

These are some of the discussions that should now be revolving around here rather than just poor discussions which do not seem to be yielding anything in the process.

It is time the media did stories that do not make you question their credibility by doing a half baked story. This will go a long way in the fight against release of poor statistics by government.


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