The golden handshake casualties: Wetangula

When I look back at the day when the two main protagonists Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga agreed to have a truce. Though it has been hailed as the biggest move for the country the deal in itself does not reflect on the Kenyan people. The main people who seem to have benefited are only them with little been said about the Kenyan people.

In fact the deal seems to have just rocked the boat that already shaky in NASA. This is because of the events that unfolded after. After ANC, Ford Kenya and Wiper decided to spin a narrative that they were not cowards then what was deemed impossible to happen happened. Uhuru Kenyatta met Raila Odinga at his Harambee House office.

The unfolding events were the subsequent challenging of the pact and Wetangula’s position as Senate Minority Leader was challenged. The position was virtually given to him because he was the only NASA summit member who was in parliament.

Though he vowed not to move to leave the sit his fellow senators seemed not to be listening to his tough talk. He was however removed quickly removed with what he promised as a messy divorce turning out to be a quick spear in the jugular. Even an intervention by NASA Coalition leader Raila Odinga in a meeting last week seems not to have generated any change of heart to the senator who was considered embattled by the media.

There now seems to be a change of heart by Wetangula who seems unbothered and none the less interested in the seat anymore. His fellow party members seem to be very uninterested in the positions they were given. For instance Chris Wamalwa, deputy whip of the NASA coalition in Parliament has vowed in a round of TV interviews he has done in the weekend and Monday he seems to be very apprehensive.

One can easily call Moses Masika Wetangula the first of the many casualties after the “golden handshake”. He seems to being lined by his NASA co Principal Raila Odinga for what inside sources are calling a tough grilling on why he met with Uhuru behind their backs. The main reason as to why he seems to be on the chopping board of many politicians.

If I was Moses Wetangula I would take this as a blessing in disguise. It helps him focus on his party and making sure that they have built a new vision for the NASA coalition. Set some new goals for his party and himself as a senator. He should also take this time to build new alliance and get out of the shadows of Raila Odinga if he wants.

This is something that he should start working on if at all he wants to be relevant come 2022 and other years. It is high time that he brands himself a better and more lethal politician by making sure he has re-engineered himself. he needs to now make sure he has gotten more lieutenants in order to make sure that he has made himself better in the long run.

Picture is courtesy of Pulse Live


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