Apr 5’s Maisha Asubuhi was a disaster; and this is why


Maisha Asubuhi is one of the most popular morning radio shows in the country. With an introduction of new co-host  comedian Otoyo, I believe the show will gain its heights before the departure of Jalas who left for  Hot 96 mid last year.

Personally I like the spirits and  sobriety  with which the host Alex handles issues during the show. Generally out of 10,I always give the show a score of 8/10.

What went down

In today’s show on the Bunge la Mwananchi section,where listeners give their views on various topics raised, I think the topic of discussion was off the hook.

I strongly think today’s topic of  discussion on relationships and family matters was not properly handled. In my opinion, it was one-sided as the host is not experienced in discussing family issues, even though an expert was invited.

Also, the timing was poor and was not warmly welcomed by the listeners as few participated on discussion, judging by the number of callers and how they raised their points.

This daily show on Bunge lA Mwananchi always handles issues of interest to the general public. Mostly it tackles matters of national interest at large on current affairs and that’s what I think listeners enjoy most.

Today’s topic should have been handled by the mid-morning show from 10am-1pm or late night from 10pm-11pm . The issues aired were sensitive and not suitable for all listeners and thus timing should have been considered.

My rating

I can only give the show a score of 5/10. It was not well presented in my opinion.


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