DJ Shiti was the best actor in Apr 4 episode of Real Househelps (KTN Home)


Real Houshelps of Kawangware is an epic sitcom which had a brilliant presentation on Wednesday.

The selling point of the programme was DJ Shiti’s part on music followed by the scene played by Onyi and Brian.


How it went down

Onyi and Brian were given a task of washing someone but Onyi ended up being told he is a rascal and goon.

They wait for the lady and when she finally arrives, she claims she doesn’t have cash and she can write a cheque for them. But Brian and his colleague refuse, claiming there is rise of con artists. But they finally agree.

DJ Shiti doesn’t understand the term “inspiration” in music and he thinks it sounds more of a Chinese food.

He says clashes and troubles in his society is what seems to be an inspiration to him.

When he is told to say the music he wants to sing about he talks about being closed up in a tank by “kina Michi”.

Jane and Awiti argue and  threaten each other and Jane makes fun of Awiti’s eye and Awiti makes fun of Jane’s “obesity”.
Michi pretends to be competent in gym and is defeated by Awiti in lifting the dumbbells. He also claims Awiti is in the wrong career.


My rating

I rate the show at 7/10 due to its humorous storyline. The most impressive character was DJ Shiti.


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