Here are the jokes you missed in Apr 5’s Churchill Raw


The show mostly revolved around Kenya’s political realities. The most impressive and funny comedian was Zeddy when she talked about “Githurai products”.

MC Jessy started the programme by saying handsome guys have their own private walking style. He said the way he walks “anakaa tu pesa” and those who don’t have cars have their unique way of walking, such that when they see you they start greeting you by saying “otherwise ” and are called “Thiong’os” .

He further elaborated on President Uhuru Kenyatta and Barack Obama style of walking out from the plane and their reactions.

Zeddy was funny in the sense that she said the previous seasion of Churchill  recording at Garden City was so overcrowded to the extent she questioned herself if all that crowd was from Githurai.

She further said it is only in Githurai where you buy boots at noon and when you wake up the following day you find they are slippers. In Githurai you come across a dog without a tail and you start questioning yourself where the tail might have gone and you realize the samosas you eat from there are delicious.

She said, at times you walk and find a dog is following you, when you stop it stops, you need to find out where you usually drink soup from. She finished by saying there are some women who are given tender of gossiping by their friends when they travel.

Paul Ogutu said it is in Kenya where you come with suit from Canada, when you reach with it in Kenya it is crop top and by the time you go to Dubai it is ragged.

JB Masanduku was the last comedian to perform and MCJessy finalised the episode.

My rating

I can rate the comedy as 8/10 due to it’s numerous live examples of comedy within Kenya


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