In your headlines: Daily Nation vs Standard top stories on their website

Good Morning, how do you like the new look on Media Recaps?  A look at your top stories today on your daily’s website shall we? We start with the Daily Nation

  1. Man charged with 7 Billion Tax evasion

This is one story that puts the KRA back on the spotlight after last year after it was hacked. The Daily Nation story is well written and goes in depth. For instance it went to expose the man Kumal Keval Navin for setting up companies and giving fictitious figures of the income they have gotten. it also was able to track as to how the KRA was able to get the money.

  1. Revered Crime buster jailed ending a chequered career

If you live in Githurai then you would probably know Titus Katitu  who was a very famous cop in the area. He was poised as the cop who brought sanity and order back to the infamous area.

The cop was however arrested for killing Kimani Mwangi.

The story at some point went to portray the image of Katitu as a “hero cop” whose career has been put to a stop.  In the long run however the story was well balanced and gave the story a different perspective as they looked at his work and the police oversight report.  In case you want to catch up on this story here is where to find it.

The Standard had different top stories

  1. Auditor General reveals shocking misuse of resources by state corporations

The Auditor General is back on the heels of different corporations and the Standard has helped them in exposing this story. The story is whistle blowing one and goes into detail as to how the auditor general found discrepancies in the expenditure of State Corporations.

The Standard went out to give out examples of the companies. For instance there is the NHIF which spent more on its multi-storey car park (from 903.7 million to 4 billion). The story also did not leave out the NSSF for not claiming its money. However there is little comment from the corporations exposed.

  1. Thousands march about Zuma appearing in court

Now this is a story that is rarely seen in Africa. Zuma is set to appear in court to answer to a case that has been on and off since the 90’s. The story tries to bring a progressive vibe to the story.

If you happen to read the story has cast the many court battles and how he managed to use them to become president but have come to haunt him. The story also deals with the fact that it will be the first time this will be happening in Africa because no leader has appeared in court for crimes they have committed.

I would say both  of the websites had insightful story but I would rate Standard at 8/10 while Daily Nation a 7.5/10. So that is it in our headlines. Tell us what you think which story was good? Which was bad?


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