Kiss FM served us a yummy breakfast show on Apr 6



Apart from the latest hits and entertaining hosts —  Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru — Kiss FM’s Breakfast show has the best DJs and DJ mashups every hour, just to keep us entertained. If you missed today here is what went down on The Big Scoop.

– Some account contacted Mpasho for some big revelation: Instagram screenshots with celebrity sex chat in the 254 all with one specific girl. By celebs I mean Jalang’o, Erick Omondi, Obinna, Nick Mutuma, Chipukizi, Dr Ofweneke

When Mpasho called Jalang’o, he said those are the kind of things he deals with every time and that was not him. But the IG account is really his that left us all wondering why he would deny something so vivid.

– Obinna, too, was called and all he did was laugh so hard and even started using his regular words like see mumu (look at this fool) and see your life. Crazy, right? We couldn’t help but laugh with him. Seems like he already saw it coming or maybe he has that strong celebrity ego where they take anything thrown their way positively.

– On to Zari and Diamond. Again. Diamond’s photographer sides with Zari and even quits his job which apparently he got paid Sh21 (giggles) as his salary because he couldn’t keep up with Diamond being with Hamisa instead of Zari. He says he lost a real boss lady with great looks and a caring mother and wife just to be with Hamisa.

– On the Big Shot was Muthoni the Drummer Queen.

– On Vreakfast with the Stars was Mr Eeazi (Zagadat). Yes, I did mention earlier he came through since he is in Nairobi. Catch him at the Ngong Racecourse tomorrow from 8pm till dawn. Together with Petra, Otile Brown, Timmy Tdat, Khaligraph and Tuji. Tickets available at Ticket Sasa.
– Today he will make an appearance at Memphis Bar and Restaurant along Thika Road. Go party with him and maybe just maybe you can get a chance to take a selfie with Mr. Zagadat. Hahaha

My rating

I rate the show at 7/10, reason being they had really juicy gossip and latest talk of the town stories. They also brought in a famous Nigerian star whose songs have been on everyone’s play list. Songs like Pour Me Water and Leggover. I guess by now you all know who am taking about. Big shout out to Kiss, which is one if not the best radio stations in Kenya.


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