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Why I think the Alfajiri cast should be moved to prime time because they aced the morning show

Alajiri Hosts from left Ciru Muriuki, Jeff Mote, Serah Ndanu 

If you happened to have watched today’s episode of Alfajiri then you should definitely share the same sentiments with me. I think it is this is the best show in the morning to catch up with. Here is why:

Ciru’s E- Interactive

Ciru is the ultimately funny person on this crew and her segment E- Interactive. Her segment delves into the funniest entertainment stories. She is also someone who is very good at her job and does her research very well.

For example she went ahead to give stories from all sides of the world. From Bahrain finding oil and gas to Colombia where a guard who let go of two prisoners when he was drunk. I know right crazy.

It was a definite lit segment and I enjoyed it from start to end.

Jeff Mote’s interviews

Jeff Mote is a very good interviewer when it comes to giving TV interviews. He has the right set of questions for everyone.

Today in the morning he hosted Kush Tracey who is considered by every right a very controversial figure in the music scene. He was very thorough in the interview and did not leave any stone unturned. He put into perspective her controversies in the music world to her new projects and her rebranding as an artiste.

His interview with Arrow Boy however was rather a get to know interview. The interview thus did not dig into a lot of details about how he got to game and such but still he was able to ace the interview.  He was able to get as to how he came to the limelight. His management with Kaka Empire (Jeff loves asking about artist management.  I don’t know why.)

Though you might not agree with his dressing you will definitely like his presenting and he is definitely someone who is good at giving interviews.

Serah’s love for acting also came into play on this one. She was very good at her interview with actors. She was thorough and was able to capture the entire acting scene with her interview with Mbeki Mwalimu and Bilal Mwaura and the play that will be happening this week. Strangers by Blood promises to be very interesting and will be screening.

She also hosted people from the Cake Art Festival.  She’s such a foodie by the way and could not wait to eat the cake that was brought before her.  She was so ready to make sure that there is nothing left on that plate.

Overall I would give the show a rating of 9/10 for the thoroughness in the show. The whole show is very good and I would definitely recommend it to you.

However I recommend they be given a bigger role on the  TV station and be moved to prime time as they have proven to be good at their job.


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