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Why Apr 8’s Ride with Betty was a definite hit

Yesterday’s edition of Ride with Betty was absolutely interesting and touching at the same time.

First things first: the guest was one person I have literally grown up listening to, and that is Carol Radull. In case you missed the interview here are the things you missed.

Carol has been a journalist at Radio Africa Group for the last 18 years. That’s almost my whole life. I didn’t know that she has stayed at the media house for that long. She has been in the media industry for the last 20 years and worked for the BBC for the start of her career.

Her first show was with Maina Kageni, with whom they hosted a sports show. She received a lot of backlash the first time she did the show. However, after a few years and the show being left to her, she was eventually accepted into the sports journalism industry.

Betty was very interesting in this interview as she did not stick to Radull’s career only. She talked about her family also. Did you know that she grew up in Botswana? Well, I did because I had read about her a few years back. But that’s not important. Interestingly, she did not stay there for long; she moved to Kenya afterwards where she grew up with the Odinga family mostly.

Her life has not been a really walk in the park. It was heart-rending when she narrated about the loss of her brother in the last part of the interview. Her younger brother died of cancer at the age of 14. Her work with the Kenya Cancer Association was put into perspective in the interview.

Her loss of her older brother was also another subject on the interview. He died after a mugging incident. She was emotional when talking about those details. However, she did not cry if that is what you were waiting for me to say. She however credited her mother for the strength which she exhibits —  because she is ever smiling.

Her love for football was also discussed during the interview. Did you know she does not play football because “she is awful”. She also talked about the Jaza Stadi Initiative which aims to make sure the stadium is full of people. She made sure she has brought out the importance of the initiative and the need for us to support the Kenyan initiative in the interview.

My rating

I would rate the show a solid 7/10 because Betty had researched well. Betty did a good job with the interview. She did the interview in a smooth way and was able to deliver a nice show in the end. However, the interview was interrupted with a lot of car things; the directions and some sounds made by the car.



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