Why no one dozed off when Sleepy performed on Apr 8’s Churchill Show

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A Churchill Show poster, courtesy of YouTube.


The Churchill show at KICC on 8 April was entertaining with different comedians on stage includingJemutai, Sleepy and Duncan who lit up the hall.

Duncan’s exciting part was when he said that “waschana Wakale” compliment things immediately such that when a man approaches her and tells her she’s looking good she replies “TSM” when you ask her what’s that she says it means “Toa sukuma kwa meno”.
Duncan was entertaining in the sense that he lampooned both the Luhya and Kalenjin mannerisms. He said Kalenjin girl can sleep with you for a night and the next morning she chases you from that house telling you, “Si imeshaisha?”

Aman was next, joking that you will never see a Mhindi in political rallies; that the only thing they care is whose photo portrait they should hang on their shops.

He  added that in Nairob,i nothing is for free: you’ll end up paying for something you didn’t even ask for; that you might have parked your car somewhere and when start reversing it, someone shows up behind you and wants to be be paid for directing you while reversing the car.

An interactive session between Nana Gecaga (the CEO of KICC) and Churchill she mentioned the biggest challenge was quitting alcohol where she used to drink a crate of alcohol and a bottle of liquor. She further encouraged people to never look down upon someone “unless you are picking them up”.

Jemutai was next on the show after Nana and she said KICC is prominent like Miguna Miguna in their area.

My best part

It was the presentation by Sleepy who had numerous jokes.

He refuted claims that he resembles Ben Githae as he said he is struggling “kukaranga” his hair to resemble Justin Bieber.

He entertained the crowd so much when he said that there is international standards for eight bars in which Americans follow.

He said single people should not get pregnant until they reach a point of knowing whether “you are boarding or not” because sometimes you can go along with someone “mwenye anang’orota Mpaka anajiamsha mwenyewe”.

He also said Kenyans will be Kenyans even in heaven; that meru people will even ask Nebuchadenezer to show them “holy leaves” in heaven.

The event was closed with a song by Guardian Angel.

My rating

I can rate the show at 6/10. It didn’t have much hilarious comedies. But one man who made the show was Sleepy.



Other members of Media Critic Kenya had different views.

Churchill Show was wonderful. The parts I had watched. I won’t lie to you I got every part.
One comedian that caught my eye however and made me laugh was Aman. He was thorough in his research and he cracked up the entire crowd. His look into many societal and political issues were captured in his jokes.

Jemutai also did not disappoint. Her jokes on how you meet your husband in the village.

My best joke
Had to be Sleepy on cramming of passwords especially by slayqueens. It was funny how he put it. It’s funny how women are able to cram your passwords and patterns so fast.

My rating
I would rate the show as a solid 6/10. It is a bit confusing to know who was hosting the show and Dr Ofweneke’s and MC Jessy’s interview with Guardian Angel was not exactly a show stopper.



The show was super entertaining.
My best joke was by Sleepy David when he said that it takes a wife three days to know their husband’s password but takes a slay queen three glances to know a password — which I find true.

My rating

7/10. Churchill Show tends to be a stress-relieving programme and that’s how it manages to capture people’s attention.



Despite joining late towards the end of the show, its hard to say the beginning was boring. If the end was awesome then is the beginning. Generally from just a glimpse the show was interesting and full of fun.

My best part
Comedian Sleepy on the eight notes that,if you sang in your childhood then you should be basically having three kids,with the eldest in standard seven and with the same father.

I don’t regret joining late because comedian sleepy summarised the show for me and I rate his performance at 9/10.

My overall rating
I’ll give the show a rating of 6/10 because I believe it had a terrific performance although I did not catch all the actions.


It was a nice show overall, with top-notch performances from all the comedians who performed.

I’d point out Aman and Sleepy David for their well-researched jokes that not only made Kenyans laugh but also prompted some self-introspection into societal issues.

The Oprah-like interview Churchill did on Nana Gechaga was an eye-opener especially on how those in the higher strata of society struggle with addiction.

My best joke
It had to be Sleepy’s analogy of songs that had eight notes and those that didn’t, which was a stupid comparison actually but it did lampoon songs used to campaign for the main presidential candidates in last year’s General Election.

My rating
I give the show a 7/10 for all the punchlines.




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