How the last 3 contestants of BYOB were selected on Apr 9’s show


The Blaze BYOB Season 2 logo. COURTESY.


The BYOB challenge for this episode was an epic one. Contestants were expected to come up with ways of selling Safaricom’s M-Kopa products.

The best contestant  was Rono who portrayed excellent business skills and commitment.

In this week’s challenge, the brand partner was M-Kopa, the solar product that people purchase with a deposit and gradually pay the remaining amount through M-Pesa.

The deputy head of sales for M-Kopa, Ms Njeri Gikami, set the challenge for contestants. They were expected to use their full range of business skills to make M-Kopa attractive.

The contestants were expected to review and present the customer’s proposition of how to market M-Kopa in best way possible using M-Kopa’s demonstration unit. They were also to create a party where they would showcase the services in order to sign up more customers and execute ways of marketing M-Kopa that are cost-effective.

In this week’s challenge, contestants were given Sh70,000 to execute the activation.

Team Mwangaza, headed by John Kennedy, was engaged in a field training session to understand more about M-Kopa. The team visited homesteads to have general idea of the forms of energy used in those areas.

Daisy came up with an impact that would reach people and translate to something that is recognisable.

Rono and Monica held a presentation to sensitize customers on M-Kopa.

The team came up with venue for a party to accommodate and provide customers more info on M-Kopa

The team was supported by M-Kopa’s Chief Marketing Officer Tease Oenga. It went to the local market to sign up people for the event where Rono made sales of the M-Kopa 500 with a T..

Basically one of the biggest inner challenge for the team was miscommunication.

Comedian Njuguna’s  funny mimicry was also introduced at some point in the programme.

The final part was the judging session at the studio. Every team member was expected to explain their roles, responsibilities and also shortcomings of every member. They were also expected to speak out challenges which faced the team.

After deliberation by judges, three contestants were chosen for the grand finale — Rono, Daisy and Monica.

My rating
I can rate the programme at 9/10 as it was an awesome judging session with motivational and inspirational words on entrepreneurship and leadership from judges. I was also inspired by the zeal, hard work and dedication from Team Mwangaza throughout the programme.


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