It was fireworks on Classic’s Apr 10 morning show as single mums opened up



The reason why Classic 105 has millions of Kenyans tuned in every morning is the have smoking-hot topics they have every morning that resonate with our everyday lives.

The topic today was on what single mothers tell their kids about their fathers or where they went to. This was actually a continuation of yesterday’s topic,  where they were asking single mothers why their children don’t use their fathers’ surnames for identity.

– According to Maina, if you are rich you will be taken to court but if you are poor, you were killed by a matatu or stepped on by an elephant. Hahah! So true.

– A very bitter lady called and said if the man is not present during the pregnancy when he is needed most then he shouldn’t be present during the child’s life. She is actually a single mum and said that  eight years later, his son asks who his dad is ans she tells him, “Aliuliwa na al-Shabaab na tukamzika.” Yet she later said she sees him around. So sad.

– Ladies were on fire and kept on condemning the deadbeat dads.

– A young man tweeted: “Women set a trap umpee mimba and when it happens and you are not financially stable, they claim you don’t want to take responsibility. And when you propose that you should live together, she does not want to live according to your poor status. They want money and still want to date other better men.” He went on to claim that women are evil.

– Another caller narrated her experience: That she got pregnant at 21 the guy was 23. He went away saying he went to school but got married again. The kid now 17 years old and the man has never contributed anything. But unlike the al-Shabaab lady, she told the child they had some disagreement and just went different ways. She advised women never to involve the kids in the squabbles they are in with the dad since the kids will eventually grow up they will know the truth and might hate you.

– A man called and joked that “wanaume walizikwa”. He has a lady with a kid and the woman says that he is dead. He says the woman just hates him since he has no money and he can’t keep forcing or begging her, he had to move on.

My rating

I rate today’s show at 7/10 since the discussion was really good and people contributed.


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