Why Apr 11’s Real Housewives of Kawangware was so comical

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Real Houshelps of Kawangware had a comical and dramatic show had a great presentation on 11 April. The person who made the show entertaining was Onyi during the dating part.
Crotus had just received a call from a client who wanted land.The drama started with a funny when Crotus came with bacon and after breakfast was set by Nkirote,Crotus asked where the bacon he had bought had gone. Nkirote answered ‘hiyo sio kitu ya kuosa vyombo”.
Nkirote didn’t knew bacon was meant for eating she even asked Crotus how it is cooked
Michi was training Awiti boxing,with Awiti showing funny facial expressions while being trained. Michi told Awiti to pretending being a ‘slayqueen’ while she carries ‘mtungi mbili ya maji kwa stairs’ and that she should box as if she’s a mason
Awiti all of a sudden started boxing her trainer (Michi) and told him she was not serious it just meant as a joke. Michi was later helped by Dj Shiti and said he told Awiti never talk to him
Jane visited Nkirote and brought her buns which she baked herself. Nkirote laughed and asked her how she knew baking buns while it was just the other day she didn’t know how to cook Ugali
Onyi was dating Cheryl and she asked him if all the money for dating was from selling movies
Onyi told her he’ll provide money for rent, make-up allowance and car
Awiti visited Nkirote. Nkirote was surprised by the smell of  Awiti’s sweat like stove.
Brian takes Crotus where Onyi was dating since he wasn’t picking calls
Shiti performed first aid for Michi with an onion,he told Michi it is cure for every illness and that he should use it remove the smell in his mouth
Brian and Crotus finally find Onyi. They confront each other for a while before Brian and Crotus take their leave, Onyi claims to her girlfriend that they want to beg him for money
The drama ends whenNjambi and Nkirote joined Jane’s group of cooking. Njambi seems not to be interested with the team and she quietly goes upstairs and picks a paper bag where by she’s caught by Awiti as she wanted to move out.
I can rate the comical drama as 7/10 due to entertaining instances of Onyi, Awiti and Nkirote

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