Why KTN’s Big Story on Apr 11 was fireworks

The Big Story was one that you could not miss at all. The whole entire show was one of the very tense episodes that I have watched in a while. This is why.

KNUT was at the centre of  the debate. The main person, at this centre of controversy is Wilson Sossion is being called on by some of the members of KNUT. Here is what went down.

The show which was hosted by Ben Kitili tonight did not have a different twist to it. Sophia Wanuna was thorough in her analysis of the situation. From trade union bosses that have been MPs and union bosses at the same time.

Her analysis was well corroborated with interviews from Francis Atwoli. Howwer she went ahead to use a report that it is only a section of people from Central who were demonstrating for Sossion to move out of the union. The reports went ahead amid it being fact checked to report it that way.

The main interview with Sossion was very thorough however. Kitili left any stone unturned during the entire interview.

He asked how the National Executive meeting at Ufangamano House went down. He went on to state that they discussed issues that affected teachers during the meeting. He pointed out that even he himself was a subject of debate during the meeting. This is because of a court case that is ongoing and whether he has the right to continue holding the seat of Secretary General.

Kitili went on to bring in Aggrey Namisi who was also present during the KNUT meeting. This is something that brought credibility to Mr. Sossion as he seemed to corroborate everything that he was saying even with the fact that he might resign as KNUT Sec Gen.

Kitili went on to press Sossion on another crucial matter and that is on his salary. A lot of eyebrows have been raised about the salary that he has been receiving in the union and in parliament and why has he not relinquished at least one of those. He also brought in John Njata who is Secretary General OF KNEC in Murang’a. It almost became an argument as he argued that Sossion does not have the needs of teachers at heart and that he should just resign.

Sossion on the other hand blamed him for being bribed and corrupt in his dealings. He even blamed him for having ties to Harambee house which Mr Njata heavily and vehemently denied.


The show got a solid 7.5/10. It was thorough and involved all sides of the coin rather than just one side. it was a good interview.




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