An overview of Classic 105’s morning show strategy this week



An illustration of Maina and King’ang’i in the Morning. COURTESY




At the Classic 105 breakfast show, it has been a week of conversations that seem ordinary but which are an apt reflection of our society.

Throughout the week, the hot theme was on the topic of single mothers and their perspectives of life.

Let’s sample two days.


The topic was a continuation of Tuesday’s discussion where single mums were explaining what they tell their kids on where their fathers went to.

Maina and King’ang’i wanted to know exactly makes men deny responsibility when their women say they are pregnant. Despite having a way to make many Kenyans opens up, the two presenters know how to make discussions lively by exhausting the topics till there is a conclusion.

Kenyan men got really active during Wednesday’s debate. Most of the tweets and calls were from men, not supporting their own kind or making sensible contribution but just making fun of the women. They didn’t seem to understand how the women take no precautions yet they know they weren’t safe during sex and no protection was used.

They went ahead to say that women are so careful in a way that if she doesn’t want to get pregnant she will not get pregnant and when she does it’s because she wanted to: “maybe because this guy has money na ameona jackpot”. Most men talked of contraceptive methods and the emergency pills.

One woman called in protest, saying that the pills fail and the contraceptive have side effects so most ladies who are not married don’t use them.

Some tweets posted were so funny, as Kenyans usually are. One tweeted that even politicians reject results when they think they are rigged.

Another man joked saying, “If the kid is yours there is a handshake. If not, they get deported like Miguna Miguna.”

King’ang’i went ahead to compare Kenyans to the white people. A mzungu will say, “It’s okay, hun; let’s celebrate. This is a blessing.” He said it is unlike Kenyan men who just say they were not ready for kids or they are too young to be called ‘dad’.

A very angry woman called and just asked a simple question: What if men were the ones to be impregnated? Would they still be talking sh*t about the single mothers?

One man really made the discussion funny since he compared pregnancy to “homa”, saying that he once met a lady, very beautiful but stupid. They had sex then two days later she claims she is pregnant by him, even sends the pregnancy result to him. Hahah! That was foolish of her. She must have been pregnant already and either didn’t know the man responsible or just wanted to place the responsibility on an innocent man.

Then a woman advised the men to go have a vasectomy if they don’t want responsibilities since they really hate using condom and they just like eating the forbidden fruits (read mpango wa kando). She estimated that eight out of every 10 men who deny responsibility have a side chic pregnant because you don’t reject your wife’s baby. She even went ahead to say that only boys should deny pregnancies, not men.



It seemed the show didn’t get as many listeners as Tuesday’s as the callers were minimal. The topic was on why side chics go for the married men.

Someone suggested that a high percentage of single mothers were mostly side chics of married men, men who they clearly knew they couldn’t have a future with.

This is because, she said, they think married men are more responsible and more financially stable. They want someone to pay their bills and support the child.

A lady called and said that all that the side chics want is to use these men. She said she wouldn’t want a kid that has a kipara like the dad; that she doesn’t want “kana funny”. She joked that she would just look for Nick Mutuma get a kid with and claim it’s the old man’s kid.

“We only need your money. Don’t tell me your wife is trash and how fat she is. I am only there for your money,” she said.

With that bombshell, a subsequent caller said a married man somewhere is almost fainting since he is now learning the truth.

One lady called and advised the men to spend their money on their wives since there is nothing new in these women they keep hunting for.

One caller quoted the Bible verse that says, “Go ye and multiply, fill the earth.” He said that’s what the men are trying to fulfil.

I would say Classic 105 continues to do what makes it so popular. These week’s topic were very relatable and I urge them to keep it up.


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