Brian Rono walks away with Sh5 million prize in BYOB Season 2

The final episode of Blaze Be Your Own Boss aired yesterday night. It was the best episodes as well as one of the most intense episodes of this season.

This time instead of voice over’s from Edward Kwach the host for this one was Eve D’Souza. Her MCeeing skills were really on fleek. Her ability to sync with the audience her interactiveness and the way the show was structured made it easy for her to do a good job.

The show started with introduction of the contestants all the way to the top three. The top three were given the most focus. They were mostly Daisy Wanzala, Brian Rono and Monica Nyawira. Their introduction was done differently with them telling a short story of themselves and their Blaze journey. They even started with quotes from them telling their parents thanks for supporting them throughout the journey.

After the short introductions the audience was given the chance to hear the business pitches and to give the guest charge a chance to score the business plan. The guest judge by the way was Nelly from Pauline Cosmetics. She was the last person to score the contestants.

Their presentations were punctuated by judge’s short remarks for the business ideas. They were thorough. Daisy did a presentation for a PR firm for small businesses. Brian did a presentation on potato farming and doing a large scale irrigation of the potatoes while Monica did a presentation for beef farming business.

The judges then gave their final comments and what they thought of the contestant’s. The show also gave out the winning contestant for the Fans Choice Award which went to Barbara Chege. This was a result of voting by viewers at home. Barbara walked away with 500,000 shillings and business support from Blaze.

However that was not the highlight of the show.  I know you know that obviously. The time was nigh and it was time to remove one more person so that only two contestants remained in the running to be the best and biggest Boss of 2018. In BYOB’s Be Your Own Boss.  Daisy did not seem to have had enough grit to fit in the final 2 category and was eliminated leaving Brian and Monica.

The final two were tense and Eve did not make it any easy for them. She kept the audience very silent and in suspense mode for close to a minute until she announced the winner who was. Brian Rono, I know right very unexpected, I thought Monica had this in her bag but seems it was time a man won the Blaze Be Your Own Boss competition.

My rating

I would rate the show a solid 9.5/10. The entire season kept us on the edge of our seats. The contestants were the toughest so far and it is a definite must watch for me next year. All in all I hope it will be the better in the next season. The judges need to remain the same also they seem to have a toughness in them which is good for any business.


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