So dumb they can’t be own mboches: what went down on Apr 17’s Auntie Boss


Auntie Boss

The Auntie Boss cast. COURTESY| Auntie Boss Twitter page


As far as parodies go, the parody of Blaze Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) as staged by the actors of Auntie Boss over the last two episodes has been interesting.

In Tuesday’s show, three househelps — Shiro, Silprosa and Njoroge — continued fighting it out for the Sh2 million that the winner will bag in the “Be Your Own Mboch” challenge.

And, surprisingly, the “judges” rating the performances of the three were the actual contestants in the first season of BYOB, a show sponsored by Safaricom’s youth product, Blaze.

The challenge was simple: each contestant was given Sh1,000 to invest in a profit-making venture. But, as we expect a comedy show to go, none of the contestants did anything meaningful with the cash.

Shiro “wasted” half the amount in “kupanda mbegu” with her pastor then spent the rest in clothes that she intended to sell but in actual sense were her own.

Njoroge, the ever so street-smart chap, blew it all in gambling.

Silprosa had an ingenious idea (inspired by her boss Mayweather) to make and sell chapatis. But Silprosa is like the proverbial hyena that cannot be entrusted with safeguarding a meal. She ended up eating all the 120 chapatis before she could sell even one. Silprosa had also visited a mganga to “cleanse” the cash before she could invest it, cautious that it was evil money.

Predictably, the judges were nonplussed by the business acumen of all the contestants received a tongue-lashing when they reported back to the podium.

In the next challenge, the contestants have been given newspapers to sell. It promises to be an interesting episode next week when we get to learn how each contestant fared with the newspaper selling — though previews show that the three are still devoid of anything that can be called business acumen.

I, however, had issues with the actress impersonating Eve d’Souza in the show. Yes, the idea is to show that she has a fake accent but it stopped being funny the first time she used it. It will make for very painful listening until this BYOB-themed episodes end.

And, well, I feel incomplete whenever Mama Kylie aka Mama Kiarie is not on set. The fisi in me…

My rating 

I would rate the show 5/10 because it was an average parody, which offered a slightly sufficient coming relief.



I happen to be one of the biggest fans of Auntie Boss. Don’t ask me why but I think it is nice show.  The show has made some impact in children’s life and the children at heart like me. They have the best reviews for any Tuesday show.

The show for those who have never watched is based on the lives of housemaids in an up market town houses. Their lives for some reasons they are the rudest mboches I have ever seen to their bosses. However that is what makes the show great I guess.

Yesterday’s show was a flop and here is why I think so.

If you happen to have noticed one of the top actors of the show Eve D’Souza happened to host the final edition of BYOB Season 2. However, Auntie Boss decided to replicate the final episode of the show but in a different competition called the Be Your Own Mboch show.

I don’t have a problem with the replication of the show. After all, I have said this multiple times: Kenyan media stations will imitate each other to be able to get money of the same thing instead of engineering a new idea that will better their revenue. Anyway, that is beside the point.

So Shiro, Njoro and Silprosa have made it to the “finals” of The Be Your Own Mboch competition. The show is hosted by Deve D’Souza, who is supposedly supposed to act like Eve D’Souza and had a horrible twang by the way.  They are then given money KSh 1000 to invest into a business and the person who will get the hugest amount of profits will be crowned the winner of Be Your Own Mboch competition.

They then go on to the challenge with Silprosa visiting a witch so that they can better or strengthen her money. Her boss supports her by giving her money. However she does not gain anything with the investments she makes. She does not even make anything.

Shiro was not any much different. She goes to her pastor so that he can pray for her to win the challenge.  She even gives him 500 for his prayers and proceeds to buy clothes from a mutumba clothes. However she also does not make anything from the sales as none of her friends wanted to buy the clothes.

Njoro had the chance to become the winner after he goes gambling to win the money but guess what? He bets twice and that is one of the rules of the game. Don’t bet twice. But he ends up losing all the money he won in the first round.

When they return the judges question them for not gaining anything. Valentine Nekesa who won the first Blaze BYOB show came in the show as a guest judge for the show. However the judges decided to send them back to the drawing board by giving them 20 newspapers. The person who sells the most will be the winner.

My rating

I would give the show a 5/10. It was very cliché the act that they chose to go with such a competition then they would have given them something to do with what they do. They would have chosen a different approach such as having someone who was on the show to host it. Or, better yet, continue with the stories they have every week.


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