Why King’ang’i had no comeback for listeners’ tough responses during Classic 105’s Apr 18 morning show


An illustration of King’ang’i. COURTESY


Today’s topic was both touching and educative. It drew a lot of emotions from both men and women. There was no criticism or trash talking: just people expressing their feelings.

The topic was: “Who is allowed to marry after the death of a spouse?”

– King’ang’i, who is always in the opposing side, suggested that a woman who marries after her husband’s death is either a slut or had something to do with the husband’s death. He received a lot of criticism from this and he didn’t talk for the rest of the show.

– A widow called, saying her the husband died seven years ago. She said she hasn’t married but argued that women should be allowed to marry since they need to have someone to share their good and bad days with. She also advised them to marry when they find the right man. She said that she experiences some rough days and despite the fact that she is financially stable, a man’s presence is important. Maina asked her if she was lonely and she said yes, since she has no one to cry to. And the fact that she is an orphan makes it worse. I really sympathised with her.

– A man tweeted that even Ruth and Abigael from the Bible re-married and did not receive any curse from God.

– Another man supported this and said that company is all a woman wants.

– A lady tweeted that ladies are not quick to remarry because they have to be cautious: the next man has to be better than the late husband — unlike men who don’t really take caution in choosing another wife since they want someone to continue satisfying them sexually and take care of things at home and also take care of the children. This tweet got a lot of retweets since most men and women supported the fact that men get married again because of house chores and kids.

– One man tweeted that if he died and his wife remarries, she has either been having that affair when he was alive or she didn’t love him.


My rating

I rate the show 8/10 since it was conducted with lot of maturity; and also for the truths that were expressed.


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