It took a lot of prayers before Tony Gachoka came to Apr 18’s JKL

Tony Gachoka on JKL. Courtesy of Twitter.

In November 2015, Tony Gachoka appeared on JKL at KTN. It was one of the most viewed shows ever, attracting viewership of up to two million people. The man who brought that kind of viewership was Tony Gachoka. He literally brought the house down with his political analysis and made the show hot and of course landed Jeff Koinange in a lot of trouble with Jimi Wanjigi.

However, when Jeff announced that he will be coming back to the show, it caused a lot of trouble at Royal Media Services. Wachira Waruru was the most cautious man about him coming to show. And of course you must have to announce his caution he did not want this ending with a law suit for the Dennis Pritt Road-based media house.

However, the man this time did not seem to have a lot of trouble. Having decided to announce retirement from political world he seems to have grown a bit soft.  His analysis was cut-throat and very good all the way to 11.30pm.

The interview panned across issues that affecting the country — from the handshake to the IEBC to 2022 politics. Everything was put under the microscope of Tony Gachoka. I’ll focus on a few things that came out of the show.

The handshake/s

Tony was not surprised by the handshake at all. You wonder why well apparently he has been having private conversations that may or may have not led them to talking about this. He seems to believe that political careers have been put on a ground halt because of the handshake. The likes of Moses Kuria and others who had made it their business to bash the former premier and others who had made it their business to bash the President.

The handshake with Moi to Gachoka means that Ruto should know that something is cooking and that he should be weary of Gedion Moi.

On DP Ruto

Gachoka seems to think that Ruto’s advisers are going in too early about 2022. The show dwelt on DP Ruto also. He seems to think that Ruto is already in campaign mode and is trying to get the wrong narrative out there that it is the hustler vs the political establishment in the country.

He seems to think that Ruto should be seen to be working hand in hand with the President to achieve his Big 4 agenda.


Gachoka was a bit cagey on this one. He does not seem to have an exact way the IEBC and election matters should be handled. He however believes in systemic reform of the election system in Kenya. He believed that if the country was still the way it was polarized in early 2018 the country right now would be in a huge mess. Much more huge than it was in October 26th last year during last year’s election.

My rating

The show was the best I’ve watched in a while. Last week’s show was not so interesting but this week Jeff brought the heat back and he did it quite well.  I would rate it at 8/10 Jeff seemed eclipsed by Tony and focused on the handshake a lot.


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