Mawowowo ad receives wide acclaim: How Ilara advertisers won it in a 38-second clip

Mawowo 4

A screenshot of the Ilara advert.

Follow this link to watch a video of the Mawowowo ad on Facebook.


I can imagine what the maker of the Ilara advert was told: Please make an advert that will tell consumers that we now have vitamin B2 in our milk. Make it funny, musical and kinda stupid.

I think the advert maker got it spot on. It is funny, very musical and has enough stupidity to make everyone like it.

The concept reads like this: two kids are on a table scrutinising an Ilara packet and wondering what is the vitamin B2 indicated on the pack. Then their father walks in and they ask him about it.

He replies that vitamin B2 is basically the energy generator in the body: “Vitamin B2 zinapatikana kwa Ilara fresh milk na unahitaji hizo vitamins kila siku kupata energy, yaani mawowowo.” Then immediately the ad becomes a song.

There is an interlude in the ad when the dancing father and kids encounter the mother, who, thankfully, joins in the “mawowowo” vibe.

The ad ends with a child saying: “Ilara fresh milk, jijaze mawowowo.”

To me, it is a totally effective advert that communicates in a simple manner and pushes the brand. Whoever designs Ilara’s adverts, from the “naeza pata sister mdogo” yoghurt ad to this one, should get a pay raise already. Doing this looks like their cup of tea.

My rating

I give it a perfect 10/10.


Wawowo 2

A screenshot of the Ilara advert.


I remember the first time I saw the advert. I laughed so hard.

I understand the advert to be a story of a family of four (two kids and their parents) getting ready for the day and one child of around nine years is reading the content written in the Ilara milk packet. She then and asks the dad what vitamin B2 means. The dad, likely to be very fun and demonstrative, starts to explain by demonstrating what vitamin B2 is. He says that it gives us energy and gives it the nickname “mawowowo”. He explains the kind of mawowowo it gives like to swim, jump and play. Suddenly the wife walks in carrying the children’s school bags and he is ashamed since he is on top of a table dancing. But, surprisingly, she too joins in the dance and singing.

My rating

Irate the advert 8/10 since it is hilarious and very convincing unlike the previous Ilara adverts. You would want to take the Ilara fresh milk immediately so as to get the vitamin B2 for the “mawowowo”.

Mawowo 1

A screenshot of the Ilara advert.


(Editor’s note: Polycarp decided to research on what vitamin B2 actually does.)

Vitamin B2 is one of the eight vitamins, which are the most essential for healthy human life. It plays a vital role of breaking down food components, absorbing other nutrients and maintaining body tissues healthy. Vitamin B2 also ensures the body has continuous and steady energy supply. Never let yourself get exhausted before the day ends.

Mawowo 3

A screenshot of the Ilara ad.


If you happen to love milk in your tea then you must read this. For any person who loves interesting adverts then you will love any adverts done by Ilara. From the one that a girl tells the father that he wants another sister because he doesn’t answer her question about the Vitamin B2 in the Ilara milk packet.

This year they seem to have a different campaign and who else to lead it other than Yafesi Musoke. The adverts majors on children and of course the father this time is encouraging and he tells them that Vitamin B2 will give them Mawowo. For one, I would have given that father a thumb up on being so energetic. Then the wife knows the husband is such a character and allows him to be as he is.

My rating

The whole advert is just awesome and at some point I find myself singing to it. I would rate it a perfect 10/10.



We sampled the reactions on the Ilara Facebook page and the reviews are hands-down good.

Fancie wrote: “My best advert ever.. Also my best milk always.. Very sweet my kid loves the most..Ilara ever.”

Pauline wrote: “My kids loooooves this advert its the best advert ever hahaha!!!!”

Yvonne posted: “My daughter loves the advert so much so ukitaka a fanya kitu, just call her mawowowo…”

Isaiah noted: “Hii mawowowo imenilletea shida,my kids telling me to dance mawowowo with their mother and also buy them some Ilala and school bags.Hii maziwa imelete utoto kwangu but I enjoy the advert.”



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