Yuck, it was an all-Tanzania affair on Kiss 100’s Apr 20 ‘Big Scoop’



On today’s ‘The Big Scoop’, a guest from Mpasho News was invited to share with us the latest and trending news. It seems like Diamond is always in trouble with everyone, from his wife to the Tanzanian government.

Diamond is facing a seven-year jail term in prison with a fine of Sh800,000. This happened after he was arrested after an explicit video a of him and a woman in bed went viral.

The Tanzanian government termed it immorality on social media. Diamond apologised to the public, saying he should be a positive influence since he has a lot of young people following him on social media. After his release, he was back online to congratulate his brother Romy Jones for cheating on his beautiful wife.

This was five months after his wedding. He was exposed by one man called Baraka and due to his ignorance Baraka posted: “Leaving a man because of cheating is like leaving a country because of rain.”

The meme adds: “It rains everywhere, my sister. Sit down.”

The biggest shocker is that Diamond endorsed the post saying, “Hiyo nayo!” According to gossip, Diamond knew he was hurting Zari with his cheating but his motto remains “it rains anyway”.

Still on the Tanzanian artistes, Harmonize is beefing with Willy Paul. The two recently did a collaboration on a hit song where Willy Paul claims he invested Sh5 million since Harmonize was to help in pushing the song in Tanzania but Harmonize backed out three days after just because he has a collabo with diamond, a bigger artiste.

But this isn’t the first incident since Aslay, also a Tanzanian artiste, backed out of Bahati after their collaboration when he deleted all their links and stopped talking of the song they just did. This raises the question: Are Tanzanians despising the Kenyan music industry?


My rating

I rate today’s show 6/10. As per the Friday trend, we expect Kiss to produce juicy gossip from all over the world. But they only concentrated on Tanzanian artistes, Diamond especially. I expected more gossip since it has been a long week and of course a lot of things have been happening.


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