Apr 20’s The Trend was oh-so-lit, but…


Amina Abdi

If you missed The Trend yesterday night then you missed a blast of a show. From beginning to end it was just epic. However there were some few things that were amiss.

The show kicked off with a performance from Akorino Dancers. If you thought Akorino people could not dance then be damned. They pull out a hell of a show and if you happened to catch the show then you know what I am talking about. But then if you missed it, catch it on YouTube.  At some point Amina even danced during their performance.

The show was then sparked with some jolt of life with the appearance of OJ and Omosh from TV hit show Tahidi High which has been on air for close to 15 years.

The show  centres on the life of high school students and the drama they go through in their life and school mostly.

They made the interview was good. From the beginning they had a lot of fun. Amina explored their good side and their bad. From OJ’s leaving of the show to Omosh’s drinking problem which he has now put behind him, they were able to talk about literally everything in the show.

The best part of the interview was the review of the so-called Third World problems. They literally had me on the floor laughing a lot. They were able to give the best if not funny analysis of the show.

Next up on the show was the #FormNiGani crew which is a movement that wants to power a conversation on family planning. The movement makes men act like the ones who are pregnant and they are made to acr what they would go through. This is the conversation that they would have wanted to do different.

She then talked with the Akorino Dancers about the Akorino culture and the dancing. The interview was a bit short since they were dancing.

Next up on stage was Bahati. If you thought that Willy Paul coming to the show last week would have Bahati under the radar then you are wrong.

The show had Bahati immediately one week after Willy Paul.

The interview was wide-ranging and a lot of issues were discussed — from his new child, Heaven, to his new song Ching Ching to his thoughts on blogs and the stories that come out about him.

The interview also had Nadia and a karaoke crew. The crew was just lit. They were the best karaoke team ever from the professional heckler himself Martin to Miano to Liz Anyango and Robert. Nadia’s performance was good but she could do with a live band that would have brought out her prowess on stage.

My rating

If you happen to notice, most times I have given the show a huge rating however this week I am givng it a 6/10.

The show has become a bit predictable there is always a dance crew, no/ little live bands  and the show has not tried different things or segments into the show the category of people gracing the show is almost predictable: actor, musician, and comedians.

I think the crew now needs to start doing something different.



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