Five things you had to love about Apr 21’s Victoria’s Lounge

  • If you happened to watche Victoria’s Lounge then you will have felt the aura and freshness of the conversation. But for those who do not watch it, here are a few things about the show you should know. Victoria’s Lounge is a show dedicated to candid conversations on issues and then give the solutions to them.

Yesterday was a show totally dedicated to women in STEM. STEM is basically science, technology, engeneering and mathematics. These are not considered as areas that most women would love to go into. However, some have thrived in those areas. Here are the things that came out of the conversation from me:

Career choices for women is really hard

This is one thing that came out in the conversation. Most professions have been constantly been dominated with a lot of men and in the process women in STEM have found it very hard to blend in and work in something always considered to be a man’s field.

Many women are considered outsiders and most have to wear, talk and look and act like men in order to be seen to blend in which is wrong.

Women need to embrace being feminine

I have always believed those women in STEM and many professions need to embrace being feminine. These women mainly face trouble being “female” in how they handle the work that they do. In an interview last year Daisy Amdanny a women rights activists criticized many women in Politics, corporate and other areas of wanting to act like men. In real sense they try to copy a man which in the end sometimes blows back on them.

There is need to have opportunities for women

The education sector more so the higher education sector needs to now invest in making sure that at least more women in STEM related courses have been able to be accommodated well and given a chance to advance their studies. This can be done by making sure both Public and Private Universities admit more women who want to pursue this kind of courses from Certificate to Doctorate. Device programs that ensure that women have time to be wives, mothers and daughters but at the same time study for improvement in life.


My rating

I would rate the show a 8.5/10. One thing with media and conversations about women is that they fail to have men in the conversation. This way, you end up having a conversation that is one-sided.


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