Lame jokes defined Apr 22’s Churchill Show


The Churchill Show episode was a continuation of a live recording recently done in Meru County.

It started with a brief introduction of a dance crew called “Venom Dancers”, although they did not perform for long.

Comedians who featured include Jemutai, Prof Hamo and Jasper Murume.

Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi was one of the guest interviewed.

First on stage was Jemutai who wondered if Meru people really get divorce for the region is very cold. She cracked a joke on marriage: that tragedy is when you are married next to your home. You can still  see the cows used to pay your dowry and it’s even worse when the same cows give birth ahead of you, making you feel like you have not done anything so far. I think her today’s performance was not up to her standards. In my opinion she flopped a bit today. Not much came from her after then.

Next on stage was Jasper Murume who lit up the stage with a rap performance in Kimeru which excited the crowd a bit.

I found this to be an awesome performance following the first looks of dissatisfaction from the audience after Jemutai left.

Jasper narrated how many people wondered and asks if he is indeed a Meru.

He narrated his encounter with some Meru women walking behind him and deliberately talking about his height comparing him with a walking pawpaw. To their surprise he turned back and greeted them in Kimeru before taking another direction.

My best part
It was a hilarious description from Jasper Murume on ladies from different areas of Meru are not easy to win over until you make three attempts is when they burst out: “Twende uninunulie kenye unaninunulia tumalize hii maneno.”

Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi, while being interviewed by Churchill,  made the audience to burst out loud by admitting that what he does for fun is sleep. No wonder most African leaders sleep during serious delegates conferences.

The most inspiring moment was when he admitted he initially worked at the same place with Churchill at GNLD an advertising company although he was on a higher level.

The governor challenged Meru men to tell their wives they love them, which to the Meru tribe is the hardest thing to say.

Finally on stage was Professor Hamo who cracked a joke on when you are walking in a crowded place and your private parts accidentally knock against an obstacle. Instead of touching where you were hit, you touch the shoulder to avoid  embarrassment.

He also joked on how people become wise when broke and plan what they will do. But the moment they get money, they forget all the ideas.
The show ended by a comeback from Nasizu, a Bongo-based Meru artiste who initially admitted his admiration for Alikiba and does most of his songs the same way Alikiba does his. He even showed admiration for his dressing code and dresses the same way Alikiba does.

My rating

In my opinion, the  show was a bit dull.  CWeb iconomedians were not composed and acted like they never did their research well. The comedians also looked shaky even Jemutai herself ran out of jokes and looked like waiting for time to step out of the stage. I give the show a rating of 5/10.


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