Apr 23’s Wicked Edition was proof that love is wicked

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The show kicked off on high spirits with Dr King’ori being skeptical about a bench-marking trip to Rwanda organised by Nairobi County for the Nairobi bodaboda operators. He compared it with the Harambee Stars scenario a few years ago when they were left stranded in Nigeria over transport issues.

This might also be the move to deport hundreds of bodaboda operators, he reasoned. Dr King’ori also had a point for Umoja residents who are hit by water crisis. He reasoned that they do not have to worry about showering since science has proven that it is not healthy to shower daily.

The main topic was on polygamy: to legalise it or not?

According to Dr King’ori, legalising polygamy is as easy as calling the two women together and simply saying, “Honey, meet sugar.” That first wife to be the honey and the second wife to be the sugar. King’ori added that polygamy is just open cheating.

Spearheading the support for polygamy was Kiambu woman representative Gathoni Wamuchomba, who cited the street children menace to be a product of negligence from men who flee their side dishes.

In an address aired on the show, Wamuchomba pledged her support for polygamy for the sake of children.

Drawing an example from a recent story where a certain young girl appeared on the street carrying a billboard with writings calling out for President Uhuru Kenyatta being his father, King’ori associated politicians with the increased number of street children.

Also aired was a past Citizen TV interview with Budalang’i MP Raphael Wanjala, a polygamist. In his support for polygamy, he hilariously compared men to bulls, saying no bull breeds with one cow all along.

“Pale kijijini do you see one bull with one cow all through the year?” he questioned.

Dr King’ori drew parallels with various threats voiced by other people in their push to get what they want.

He said men’s demand for polygamy rights can be compared to those business traders along the Thika Superhighway who dare the government not to demolish their business structures or else they turn to thieves.

Or a conman asking for Sh50 to buy githeri or if you refuse he will rob you at nightfall. Or even a tout seeking for the legalising of bribe that a central point should set for official cashing of bribe, that after which when a traffic cop tells you to pull over and ask for bribe, you show him a receipt confirming you have already paid one.

Organisers of the show invited the chairman for Maendeleo ya Wanaume, Mr Nderitu Njoka.

During the interview, Mr Njoka said men being denied their conjugal rights by women for over a year is domestic violence and thus it calls for them to have a right to marry second a wife immediately.

Mr Njoka, who was one of the champions behind 2014 bill that became a law legalising polygamy, said it took a long of time for it to be passed terming the clause that requires first wives to approve the marriage of the second wife as the main obstacle.

“We are Africans and a man is the head of house. Now how do you ask your wife permission to marry a second wife? She will not even accept,” he said.

Funny enough, Mr Njoka even cited the Bible in Timothy 3:2-12, which justifies polygamy to be normal among men but only prohibits religious leaders from marrying more than one wife. He added that even  Quran allows men to marry up to five women.

My best part was when Dr King’ori thought loud that polygamy leads to an increase in the number of street children as a result of irresponsibility of their parents.

In reply, Mr Njoka acknowledged this by saying polygamy is not luxurious as people think as it comes with a lot of responsibilities, although even king Solomon had more than a thousand wives yet he was the wisest man ever lived.

“Solomon had more than a thousand wives but he was the wisest man ever. Do you think you are wiser than King Solomon?” he posed.

Finally in his parting shot, Mr Njoka  gave out a word of encouragement to men who have other secret affairs to be open and talk about and in case they face any abuse or unfavorable criticism. He is out there to defend and fight for them.  That long piece of encouragement was cut short by Dr King’oris advice: “Don’t do it!”

My rating

In my opinion, the show generally was hilarious although it sounded funny, which made it even more entertaining. It was very much relevant. The polygamy topic was handled very well and even the guest speaker showered some sense into the show. I give it a rating of 8/10.




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