Gold-digging or just marrying upwards? Funny responses on Classic 105’s Apr 25 show






The topic was why a woman is labelled a gold-digger when she hooks up with a successful man.

I find this so true and I was also curious to know why.

Maina’s opinion was that a woman should do what she wants. And he was advocating for them to deal with these successful men with the perspective of ‘why take the stairs when you can take the lift?’

He opined that women should just avoid the ‘let’s suffer’ phase since these men, whether rich or poor, all want the same thing.

But King’ang’i’s opinion was different. He said  women should work hard to get their own money. He said that sponsors use money to lure these ladies since ladies are too much into material things than love. Surprisingly, he got a lot of support today.

A lady called and said, “Mnaanza na kanigger akipata pesa anaanza madharau na kudeal na mpango wa kando.” She added that a man will always be a man he will still cheat.

The caller further said that she would rather cry in Runda than cry in Dandora and asked if dating a broke man is working hard? Hahaha! This was so funny.

A man tweeted that dating a man because of his wealth is prostitution. He wondered What happened to the good women struggling to make it in life.

A man called, and said that for him to marry a woman, she must prove that she is worth it. She must be there in the good and the bad. He said most of the ladies are with you when you have the money but will leave once you are broke. “I’ll give you money and pay for the Uber but eventually I’ll get bored and go to the one I started from the bottom with. Success that is not earned is not yours,” he reasoned.

A man called and said that he wonders why women love money so much. He even asked if the person who invested money was the woman in the first place.

My rating

Today’s topic was a bit interesting. I rate the show 7/10. The topic caught a lot of attention


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